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Financing Found.....kinda

ok, in my last post I mentioned that we were needing to find money to help our son attend school next month. We ended up tapping into our annuity to pay for part of it. It is up to him to find the balance. This will get him a little over half way. He most likely won't have to find money until his final trimester. He has agreed that if for whatever reason he does not finish he owes us the money back. Hate to be so hard but this is the third school for him in three years. He has struggled in a traditional four year school so I am hoping that he will do better. He starts next Tuesday so pray for him please.

Exciting News

We received word last week that Ian has been accepted in the Pharmacy Tech program that he had applied for. We are so happy for him. They only take 25 max and they had a record number of people apply. this is a one year program. Pray now that we are able to find a loan for him as the traditional student loan services do not pay for this program. I will write about other things going on later.