Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time Going by Fast .....

Wow June is flying bye. Keeping very busy working on the house and the garden. David has been working on the master bedroom and master bathroom. New carpet will be laid next Wednesday. We have already pulled up the old carpet (the original carpet) and the padding. All the furniture has been moved out except for the bed which is being moved today. David has repainted the walls and touched up the crown moulding. We just need to paint the baseboard and sweep and it is ready for the carpet. In the bathroom, we have new tile, baseboard and quarter round. We still need to install new faucets and a new light fixture and this room will be done. Yeah !!!!!!!!! This weekend was to be busy but with a code orange air alert I am inside today. I had been invited to a bridal shower at 2 pm and a wedding at 6pm. The wedding is outside so there is no way I can go now.

I have started canning this week.  So far I have 5 pints of bread and butter pickles and 5 pints zucchini relish.  Today I will be making more zucchini relish and some pepper relish.  Our zucchini has already died but the yellow squash is still going strong.  I picked the rest of the broccoli and cabbage today.  I got three small heads of cabbage this year.  Kinda disappointing as last year I got 6 good size heads.  The cauliflower and kohlrabi didn't even grow this year.  It has been way to hot in Tennessee for our spring crops.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Weekend

Had an interesting weekend. Friday started with some dear friends coming up from Georgia for dinner. We had a delightful time and in two weeks we are going down there to visit. Saturday was my first 49 birthday and it was a relaxing morning. Went to the grocery store for just a few things then stitched. We went to a visitation in Fayetteville, TN in the evening and stopped at Cracker Barrel around Columbia for a late lunch/early dinner. It was awful !! I found saran wrap in my meal. Not good. After we got home around 8:30 we went out to dinner at Camino and had an enjoyable meal. Woke up late for church this morning and then home for the rest of the day. Home Depot is coming tomorrow to measure the master bedroom for carpet. Yeah !!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am back .....

I am starting to feel a little better and now dh is getting sick again. Wow we just can't get a break. I basically missed the entire month of May. So sad. Just was our 28th wedding anniversary. I can't believe that it has been that long already. We went to Cheekwood in Nashville to walk through the gardens. It is absolutely beautiful. We walked for two and a half hours and still didn't see everything. It was an absolutely amazing day weather wise which really helped also. We ate an early dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then home for the night. By the time we finally got home my feet had swelled but it was still a wonderful day. Today I am working on this month's budget. Boy is it going to be a tight month. My birthday is next Saturday, thought I don't expect anything since money is tight also David has a workshop on the 4th which he will be on his own for lunch and then another class at the end of the month though it is only half a day. We are hoping to be able to go to Georgia to visit with friends for a weekend and Dh is going up to New Jersey to visit his sister at the end of the month also. If dd is able to pay me what she owes me things will be okay but I am not counting on it. She has an online class this month and can't even afford the textbook. Ugh We are going to borrow from our annuity to finance new flooring in the master bedroom, pay a small loan and to pay for his trip to NJ. We should find out this week or next if we will get it. We need to start tithing again because I don't feel right not giving God his portion. My food budget will have to go down in order to pay for everything. I will need to get more creative with what we eat. The doctor has put me on a new diet and it will be a challenge to keep going on a smaller budget. We are looking at $200 a month or less with dh home for the summer. More later on how I am going to work it.