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My Story ...

This past Sunday at church we were encouraged to write down our conversation story and to keep it to four minutes in length (when you share it verbally). Well here is my story....

I was raised by a Catholic step-mother and an athiest father. We (my sister and I) attended whatever church was closest to the house that we could walk too. They wanted us out of the house for a few hours Sunday mornings. This left me confused at all of the different groups that we had worshipped with. During my eighth grade year in school my dad and stepmother decided to send me to a boarding school. Without going to visit any, they decided on Great Lakes Christian College in Beamsville, Ontario. I would be a boarding student and only come home at holidays. God surely played a hand at this decision. GLCC is the only "Church of Christ" backed school in Eastern Canada. It was a same school that most teens in the churches in Ontario attended. We had daily Bible classes that wet my appetite …

Weird Weather

Yesterday we had hail and we have lost some of our tomato plants. We typically don't plant them until May because of this but it had been so nice we did anyway. Today I will check to see how many while I am weeding the garden.

Last night was very cold, but by tomorrow it is to be in the 80's again. Strange very strange.

I love a GREAT deal

This morning I stopped at the grocery store for light bulbs. I knew that this is about the time that the meat is marked down soI decided to check it out. SCORE !!! They had just marked down sl/bl chicken breasts to $1.58 a pound. WooHoo so I got three packs. Wished I had picked up more but I only had so much money. They had also marked down one package of chicken thighs to $2.56 for the pack. I came home and separated the into meal size portions and got 15 meals. I paid $17.05 so that equals $1.14 per meal. This is for approx. 10 pounds of chicken. I was almost out of chicken so this is great.

Just wanted to share.

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news

For those that read my blog and wrote recently that I went to the doctor on April 1 and he told me once again to lose the weight. So I took it seriously and have been a lot better than before. Well I weighed myself on April 14 again and I had lost 11.6 pounds in two weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it. I am 272.4 now and if this doesn't motivate me nothing will.

Some recipes to share

Last night we had stir fry which is a wonderful way to use leftovers in. In the past I have slipped in shredded brussel sprouts, shredded zucchini and asparagus bits. Did members of the family have sworn that they would never eat one or more of these foods. ~smile~ I guess what they don't know ..... Last night I used leftover spaghetti noodles. Dh thought it rocked.

Tonight we are having chicken lo mein. I am using the other half of the chicken breast that I used last night. I thought I would post my recipe that amazingly every one in the family loves. I got it out of a magazine from 2000.

Chicken/Pork lo mein

5 cups water
2 pkgs ramen noodles
1/2 pound of pork or chicken cut in thin strips
2 tbsp cornstartch
2 tbsp soy sauce (I use low sodium)
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tsp minced, peeled ginger or 1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 pkg frozen sugar snap stur-fry vegetables.

In a large suacepan bring 4 cups of water to a boil over high heat, add ramen noodles without the seasoning packets and bo…

Warm weather is back again.

Tennessee's wild weather is continuing -- 50 to 80 then back down to 57. The running joke is if you don't like the weather just wait and it will change. I love the weather in the high 70's/low 80's. I can be outside without breathing difficulties and I don't need the air on inside.

I have spent the day looking through cookbooks to find healthier recipes. I found a couple that sound good. If they work out I will post them. We are having the last of the hot dogs this evening and tomorrow lunch we are having chicken lo mein. This is a great way of using leftover veggies and stretching one chicken breast to feed four adults.

Got to go start dinner. God bless and I will post the recipe later.

Changes are in the Air

I went to the doctors last week and after fussing at me suggested some changes. Well it was a little stronger than suggested * smile *. I had already started a water aerobics class called "Gentle Joints" a couple of months ago and have been going three times a week. Doctor L suggested that I go five times a week and start walking around the neighborhood. Hopefully I can get either David or Ian to go with me. Snowball will be so happy to be walked consistently. No more snacks also !!!! Sad sad :( No more chocolate, pies, cakes, cheese dip, etc until I can get my weight under control. My A1C has come down but not as much as my dear Dr would like. So I have three more months and then I am adding insulin if it is still high. David and I have decided to start eating more fresh foods and that is why the spring garden is so important. I will be visiting the farmer's market twice a week for things that don't grow well for us. Also no more white stuff (flour, s…

Where is the Year Going?

I can't believe that it is April already. This year is flying by !! A lot has happened recently...

My son and his fiancee have decided to postpone their wedding a year. the stress of school, work and wedding planning was taking a toll on them. My son also has a lot of debt and wants to have time to pay down this debt. This includes student loans, car payment, computer payment and a Kay Jewelers card payment. They had just bought wedding bands so this last bill is a lot larger than normal. she has no debts right now so I think this is really smart on their parts. Her parents are tickled that they have postpone it.

My daughter will be transferring to the university here in town this fall so in a little over one month she is moving back home. I am not sure where we are going to put all the extra things we had purchased for her dorm room but we will work it out. She really missed my home cooking and her boyfriend though I am not sure in what order. *smile*

The garden h…