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Damage In Town

Last night we were under a tornado watch just south and west of us.  This morning we saw considerable damage to at least 8 businesses about five miles from us.  The storm went right over us but we were blessed with no damage this time.  One of the businesses damaged was my chiropractors office and the car wash that we go too.  A section of town had no power for about three to three and half hours including the restaurant that my son works at.  He lost four hours of work last night but at least he was safe.

Changes in the wind

After seeing the doctor this week I realized that I need to make a lot of changes.  We need to change the way we eat radically.  My blood glucose numbers are way too high and I need to be proactive to change that.  My problem is mainly snack foods.  I also need to work on portion control.  I will start weighing and measuring everything.  Also next week I will look into Sports Com to see what they offer swimming wise and exercise classes.  I have started walking more with Snowball everyday.  I need to start trying more like twice a day but once a day is better than I was doing.  I will write more later.  They are talking about tornadoes on the tv.

More shopping receipts

ok,  I have been postponing writing this because I am sure that I have gone over budget.  Just not thinking on my part.  Well here it is:
March 21
Kroger:  tortillas and cheese $2.40
March 23
Kroger: 2 boxes Ritz crackers 3 12pk of soda something else that I can not read $15.78
March 27
Kroger: 2 bags tortilla chips 1 gallon skim milk 2 boxes Crystal Light  laughing cow cheese 3 boxes fruit and grain breakfast bars (for dh) Pam spray sunflower seeds 2 cans lite peaches 3 cans lite fruit cocktail 3 cans lite mandarin oranges bath tissue 2 cans spaghetti sauce 2 pks Extra gum hot dogs 2 pks sliced ham (marked down) 10 pks ground round (marked down) $63.58
March 28 Kroger: 1 large vanilla pudding 2 bags rice cakes 2 lemons 3lbs apples $7.40
Grand Total:  $90.00 leftover for month: $38.96
WOW !!!!!!  I thought I was over.  I am sure I have missed some receipts because I only have $22 and change in my grocery envelope.  Either way I have done better than I thought.

Grocery Shopping for March

I have run to the store two more times since I last posted and I am trying to keep up with it so I am going to post here with it. 
1 bag of spinach  (for school animals) 1 bag Lay's Kettle chips (dh asked for them)
Total:  $5.50
Today at Publix
I 6pk roll of Charmin 2 boxes Eggo Waffles (they were on a really good sale) Dawn dish soap I reusable bag (got for free after coupon)
Total:  $9.51 Total spent so far in March:  $71.04 left for the month:  $128.96
I think I am doing well since it is the 12th of the month already.  I know the Eggo's were a splurge but I wanted something different for breakfast.

First shop of the Month

ok,  I was able to find a little bit more money in the budget for groceries so I have $200 instead of $146.  I did my first shop this morning.
I got from Krogers:
4 12pk of caffiene free diet Pepsi kroger brand cherrios dish soap  dishwasher soap 2 boxes instant oatmeal 2 bags tortilla chips 2 boxes of popcorn 1 tub of low fat vanilla yogurt 1 pkg hot dogs romaine lettuce hearts green leaf lettuce  hot dog buns hamburger buns 1 loaf of bread 1 dozen eggs extra sugar free gum 1 green bell pepper mushrooms 2.39 lb of green grapes pkg of radishes 3 lb of apples 2.37 lb of bananas
Total was :  $56.03 left for the month:  $143.97