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Ladies Weekend

Last night I arrived home from a wonderful ladies retreat. There were 28 of us which included at least 10 guests of our members. We studied ACTS = Adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. It was wonderful and I gained alot of insight from our speaker - Tina.

We were at Hy-Lake Camp in Tennessee and it was absolutely beautiful. The cabin was nice and clean and the kitchen facilities were amazing. Here are some pics from it.

March's Goals and Doc's Words

I went to the doctor today for my three month diabetic checkup. Well my A1C is 9.3 way not good. My blood pressure is elevated and I had gained 10 pounds. So on to this months goals.

1. Remove junk food from house.

2. Lose at least 5 pounds (a must)

3. Do at least 30 mins of movement a day (either walking, Wii or swim class)

4. Check my glucose at least three times a day. Record it for doctor.

5. Read up on Byetta and let the doctor know what I think.

6. Finish FAFSA this month for Rachel.

Revisiting Feb. goals

It is the 2nd of March and it is time to see how I did last month.

1. Lose 5 lbs. = I only lost 1.5 pounds.

2. Cull through my clothes = I did a little bit more of this but still not done.

3. Get my taxes done as well as Ian's and Rachel's = they are all done but I need to fix Ian's and send it back out.

4. Pay down bills = Success !!!!!!!!!!!! I paid off two more bills for a monthly savings of $326.56. For the year so far: $439.56

5. Start Christmas gifts for 2011 = well I did some planning but did not finish the afghans.

6. Finish organizing coupons = I did get this done.

7. Stay in food budget = once again I was a little over.