Friday, January 30, 2009


I was given a bag of lemons last week and I am not sure what to do with them.  Any ideas?  We are both diabetic so alot of desserts would not work unless they were sugar free.  I really want to use them before they go bad.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missing her....

Yesterday we dropped our daughter off at school again.  I really enjoyed having her home for the month or so that she was here.  We took the time to rearrange her room so that it would be easier for her.  She has a private room this semester. ~smile~  Classes start today for her.  She had to be at work at 7:30 am.  She works at the day care on campus.  I will not get to see her again until spring break unless the take a road trip.  When we left she was excited to hook up again with some of her friends.  Do well this semester sweetie.  Miss you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Menus for Jan 8-31

Okay,  I know I am behind in planning my menus but until the pantry got set up I wasn't sure what I had.  Here goes for the rest of the month:

8th - Chicken Stew
9th - Meatball Subs
10th - Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, veggie
11th - Chicken in crockpot, potatoes and veggie
12th - Spaghetti
13th - leftovers
14th - Soft Tacos
15th - Chicken, corn and veggie
16th - Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw
17th - Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
18th - Fish, Peas and veggie
19th - Chicken, potatoes and veggies
20th - Taco Soup
21st - Pork Chops, peas and veggie
22nd - Chicken stir-fry and rice
23rd - Eating out
24th - Spaghetti
25th - Chili
26th - Ham, sweet potatoes and green beans
27th - Chicken, stuffing and veggie
28th - Hamburgers, cole slaw
29th - Baked Ziti
30th - Chicken fajitas
31st - leftovers or soup and sandwiches

These are subject to be moved around.  Most meals are just dh and I as dd is going back to school.  Ds, Ian works most nights.  Most leftovers will be used for lunches for David the following day.  Most of this is in the house already in the pantry or the freezer.  I think all I need to round out the month is milk and fresh fruit though I do have home canned fruit and some frozen fruit.  So maybe I can avoid buy fresh fruit.

I am still debating ordering the Angel Food this month.  I need to make a decision by this weekend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year same challenges...

Today has been a busy day.  My daughter had all four wisdom teeth taken out and I had two doctors appointments - all before noon.  Thank goodness for her boyfriend who came to take her home for me and stayed until I got back.  My sweet daughter doesn't handle pain really well and we couldn't get her pain meds until I got back with the car.  Poor thing.  She just woke up very hungry so I have homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove smelling wonderful.  Dad and I will have grilled cheese sandwiches with it.  Perfect for a rainy night.  

Well my dear son, Ian has officially withdrawn from college and has applied at a tech school.  He wants to study computer IT and found out that there is a nine month wait to get into the program.  So now he needs to find a day job to go with his night job.  His night job only gives him 20-27 hours a week and he will need more than that.  He is thinking of applying to substitute teach for the county.  His finance knows that this will delay the wedding but is happy that he has figured out what he wants to do to support them. ~smile~.

Rachel is going back to ETSU next week after a very successful first semester.  She is scheduled to take 16 hours this semester.  She is also scheduled to work over 14 hours at the daycare on campus.  She will have a private room this semester also.

The big news is -- I have a pantry now.  During dear husband's Christmas break he installed four new shelves on one side and moved one to the other so I now have eight shelves where my washer and dryer were.  Once I moved my food there I realized that I don't have as much food in the house as I thought.  I showed my best friend and she said the same thing.  Appliances take up three shelves and food on five but it is kinda bare looking.  I moved my home canned goods into the kitchen.  It is nice not to have them spread out over many different rooms.  However my deep freeze and my freezer (beside the fridge) are full to busting.  LOL  I don't need more frozen food.

My new laundry room is set up except for the cabinets.  We are saving our money to pay cash for them.  We will have a L shape cabinet with maybe above cabinets.  I can't wait.  Winds damaged part of my new patio screen.  Once we get some drier weather we will fix it.  We normally get strong winds in the spring so we will have to figure out how to keep it from damaging again.

This month has brought some unexpected bills our way.  The insurance finally paid on dear husband's hospital bill from last summer and we got our bill from the hospital today.  Also Rachel oral surgery and my co-pays for the new year that I had forgotten about when I scheduled the appointments.  I found out today that I will need a CPAP machine and the insurance only pays so much for it.  I also need another pair of diabetic shoes for casual times.  My other pair are very heavy and it is a dress shoe.  Also our utility bills were a little higher than budgeted.  While dear husband was working on the pantry I couldn't use my kitchen really for about a week so we ate out much more than normal.  Can we say ugh.....At least I need little from the grocery store this month.  I am still debating whether to get an Angel Food box for this month.  I was impressed with their fresh fruit and vegetable box last month and they are offering it again this month.

Dinner tonight is homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese.  Still planning the rest of the month.  God Bless everyone.