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Meal Plan Monday

Ok,  got it down for this week.  Payday is Friday.  Today I only needed eggs and some fruit.  
Monday, October 27 - taco soup Tuesday, October 28 - chicken Wednesday, October 29 - pork chops Thursday, October 30 - fish Friday, October 31 - eat out Saturday, November 1 - chicken enchiladas Sunday, November 2 - baked spaghetti
This is all from my deep freeze and storage.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.
This is my dd  Rachel keeping the son of a friend busy.  He loved tackling her during her party.  I just thought I would share this with everyone.


Ode to My Mother Every morning I wake up And I think about your smile. You are my encourager. Day after day, Week after week, Year after year, You put up with me. And not that I am not there, I seem lost. You have given me a foundation That I can stand proud upon. You give me hope That someday I can be Whatever I want to be. You are always there for me. Even if I am acting extremely Mean to you, You are always there. I wish that I Could always be there For you. Because you were And are always there For me. You are my light at the end Of the tunnel. You help me see the good in the bad. You have shaped me Into who I am today. Thank you for everything That you have done for me. I Love You! My darling daughter, whose picture is above, wrote this for me.  I cried when I read it and she says that she really means it.  I thought I would share it here.

Fiber Festival

Tomorrow, my bf Susan and I are going to the Cannonsburg Fiber Festival held the last Saturday of October every year.  It is here in Murfreesboro, TN and last year we had a blast.  There are spinners and weavers, knitters, crocheters and farmers with their sheep, goats and long haired rabbits.  Of course, all kinds of good food also.  Susan and I both have a drop spindle but she would like to purchase another one.  We have top whirls and I think she wants a bottom whirl.   While we are there her fiancee is going to help my dh with a job or two around the house and hopefully look at dh's truck so he will leave me the car every so often again. ~smile~  I can't wait.

Meal Plan Monday

Ok, I am excited that everything is already in the house.  Only had to buy fresh stuff and paper towels this week.
Monday, October 20 - chili Tuesday, October 21 - pork chops, boiled potatoes, veggie Wednesday, October 22 - chicken, peas and a veggie Thursday, October 23 - Turkey sausage, boiled potatoes and a veggie Friday, October 24 - Salmon, peas and a veggie Saturday, October 25 - taco soup Sunday, October 26 - baked spaghetti
I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Menus for October 13-18

A little late.  Here they are though.
Monday - Canadian Thanksgiving =  turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, carrots,                                        homemade relishes and pickles Tuesday - pizza Wednesday - leftovers from Monday Thursday - Salmon, boiled new potatoes and snow peas Friday - turkey noodle soup and grilled cheese Saturday - dh's birthday - eat out somewhere
Short but sweet. Have a blessed week.

One more Photo

Just thought I would add a photo of dd, Rachel and her boyfriend, Nick.  Aren't they cute.


This is my darling daughter helping me by cutting onions for the salsa. Isn't she cute. ~smile~
The above are my cookbook shelves that I had to take the cookbooks off so I would have somewhere to put my jars.  This is pickles, beans, relishes, pickled beets, salsa and tomato products.
Above is in my kitchen where I have dill pickles and strawberry jam.  These are only  part of it.  I have not taken pictures of the rest of it yet.

Road Trip

Yeah !!!!  It is finally here - my road trip.  My bff Susan and I are going to east Tennessee to stitch until Friday.  We stitch - needlepoint, cross stitch, knit - and never get enough time once school starts (she's a teacher).  Susan is on fall break and I had to go to east Tennessee to pick up dd so we took both and combined it.  Actually it was my dh's idea --love him for it.  So, off to a b&b we go to stitch Christmas presents for two days+.  I am taking two needlepoint and two cross stitch projects to work on - can't decide which one to start right now. lol  I have spent more time trying to figure out what to take them packing my clothes.  ~smile~
I will be back on Saturday or Sunday once I get back and recover.  lol  See you then.

Meal Plan Monday

I know I have not been on alot.  Life has been going full speed recently.  Here is my menu for this week.  I will be gone Wednesday-Friday.  
Sunday, October 5 - fellowship meal at church Monday, October 6 - smoked turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans Tuesday, October 7 - salmon, fried potatoes, veggies Wednesday, October 8 - chili Thursday, October 9 - hot dogs Friday, October 10 - pizza Saturday, October 11 - zesty chicken with orzo, snow peas
I am leaving chili on Wednesday so dh can take leftovers for lunch Thursday and Friday.  Ds works Wednesday night (and he is not fond of chili).

In Memory Of....

James B. "Jimmy" PalmerPosted: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3:19 pm
 Email PrintJames B. "Jimmy" Palmer, age 68, of Murfreesboro, died Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008. He was a native of Wilson County, but lived most of his life in Murfreesboro.

Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Thursday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel. Bro. John King, Bro. Ben Austin, Bro. Julian Goodpasture, and the Rev. B. E. Palmer will officiate. Interment will be in Roselawn Memorial Gardens.

He is survived by his wife: Linda Lee Palmer, mother: Dora Bryan Palmer of Murfreesboro, daughters: Laura (Ben) Robinson, Holly (Neil) Hughes, both of Murfreesboro, and Ashley (Brian) Hall of Nashville, two brothers: Bill (Glenda) Palmer of Murfreesboro, Bob (Susan) Palmer of Smithville, one sister: Peggy (Dickie) Thomas of Murfreesboro, grandchildren: Maggie, Emily, and Jared Robinson, and Joey Hughes.

Mr. Palmer was preceded in death by his father: James H. Palmer. He was a member of Stones River Church of Christ and had …