Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of the Year -- Already ?!?

Wow !! Has this year gone so fast. It seems the older I get the faster life goes. Between being sick and having company I have not been on much the last couple of months.

Dh and I are working on our 2010 budget and goals. When we finish I will post them.

Until then have a Happy New Year from the Brangenberg's

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I know it is Tuesday again .... I just can't get it done on Monday it seems. Here is what I am planning to fix this week.

Monday - chicken lo mein
Tuesday - mini pizzas
Wednesday - chili
Thursday - zesty chicken orzo
Friday - spaghetti (per dd request as this is her first night back)
Saturday - meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots

Breakfast will be a choice of cereal, oatmeal or eggs
Lunches will be a choice of leftovers or sandwiches
Snacks are popcorn or pretzels

working on next weeks already. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Ok, I know that it is Tuesday but I am one day behind this week it seems. So here is what I have planned.

Sunday - pizza
Monday - chili (yummy)
Tuesday - zesty chicken orzo with a green veggie
Wednesday - sloppy joes
Thursday - spaghetti
Friday - mini pizzas or eat out (we normally have a date night on payday)
Saturday - pork lo mein

Sounds yummy to me. I have everything in the house for this week except for milk. Not bad.

Have a blessed day.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Mondays

This is for the rest of this week.

Monday - chicken, broccoli salad, and corn
Tuesday - pork lo mein
Wednesday - taco soup
Thursday - mini pizzas
Friday - zesty chicken orzo
Saturday - pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots

Breakfast will be a choice of oatmeal, muffins or cold cereal
Lunches will be a choice of turkey sandwiches, leftovers and soup.

I do my shopping later today so I will let you know tomorrow how I did. I don't need a lot because our cupboards and freezer is full. :)

End of November already ?!?

Boy it seems like November just started and now it is ending. As I get older it seems like the years go faster. The crud caught up with us and dh was out of work three days with it. (thank you sick days) and ds missed two days of work. I was down with it about 10 days. I just don't bounce back the way the guys do.

Thanksgiving saw us with four instead of six. Ds and his finacee ate with her family this year. It was wonderful having dd home again. Her boyfriend joined us for out dinner. she is back at school now and we will see her in about three weeks for the Christmas break.

During this holiday time I was thinking about what I am thankful for. Here is my list (as of right now):

1. I am thankful for a Savior who loves me unconditionally.
2.. I am thankful for a loving husband who helps out when he can see I am having a bad day.
3. I am thankful for having two healthy children. It was been wonderful watching them mature.
4. I am thankful for my best friend, Susan. She is more like a sister to me then my sister.
5. I am thankful that my sister and I are working on our relationship again.
6. I am thankful for Allison, ds finacee, who will be marrying my boy next year. She is a welcomed addition.
7. I am thankful for Nick, dd boyfriend, who makes my dd very happy.
8. I am thankful for my good days and bad. It makes me slow down.
9. I am thankful for my mother who is trying to be "motherly" now and a grandmother.
10. I am thankful for all of my cyper friends. You have been there always and I am grateful.

I am sure if I had to debate longer I could think of more but this is definitely a start. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love saving money !!!!!!!!

Now those who know me know that I hate Wal-Mart. Big time. But when I heard that they had turkeys for 40 cents a pound I had to go and see. Well they did and I got two turkeys (there is a limit of two) one 14.77 pounds and the other 15.03 pounds for 5.91 and 6.08. Wow !!!!!!!!!! While I was there I picked up the bread, tomatoes and tortillas that I need for next week and I have $8 left. Yeah !!!!! God is good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Menu Mondays

I thought I would post my menus from now until next payday. I have only $25 left but I am confident that it will be enough.

11/3 - chicken, potatoes, carrots and snow peas from the garden
11/4 - white bean soup with chorizo and kale
11/5 - mini pizza using Grand biscuits
11/6 - spaghetti
11/7 - hamburgers
11/8 - taco soup
11/9 - chicken, potatoes and a green veggie
11/10 - baked pasta with turkey sausage
11/11 - chicken, corn and carrots
11/12 - sloppy joes
11/13 - out to eat with friends

I have figured out that the only things I need (as of right now) are diced tomatoes, tortillas and bread. Maybe some pretzels for my honey. I am disappointed that I am already out of home canned tomatoes. I will have to do a lot more next year.

Breakfast is usually boiled eggs and zucchini bread for my honey. Cereal or oatmeal for me. My ds takes whatever and most of the time unfortunately misses it.

Lunches are normally sandwiches for ds and I and leftovers for my honey.

Snacks are typically popcorn, chips and homemade salsa or pretzels.

Where is the year going?

It seemed like only yesterday that it was January not it is November already. Wow this year has flown. Well things are still tight here at the home front. Dh and I are still sharing a car. The budget has gotten even tighter as we are trying very hard to pay down debt. I now have $40 a week for food. I get $80 every other week and do my best to stretch it. Last night we had chili and dh took I one container I had left for lunch today. I will most likely have peanut butter sandwich. Tonight I am looking at chicken, maybe soup or just baked. I am trying to figure out what I would send with dh tomorrow if I just bake it. If I fix soup I need to decide soon so I can get it on. ~smile~ I have been very very tired recently and have had a hard time getting going in the morning. Not good when you want to try to keep up with at least a few things.

Dd is still struggling at college. This is her second year there and she has already decided that it will be her last one. She wants to transfer home next fall. It has not helped that she has been sick the entire semester so far and has had a very bad teacher for a class in her major field. Please keep her in your prayers. Ds is doing great in his program. It looks like he has finally found his niche. He is even looking for a part time job in the field.

The garden for the most part is done now. I did get some snow peas and some onions last night. It has become overrun with weeks due to all the rain we have had. Time to rent the tiller and till it under for the spring. Hopefully next weekend or the one after. We are planning to add fruit trees, dwarf one we think. We are considering plum, cherry and peach. We have an apple farm near by so we are not looking to plant apples. We have considered rhubarb and asparagus in the past and have decided against it. As much as we love these it will not work with our space here.

Well must go and get a few things done. God Bless.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Day a Week

Since my dh's paid for truck is not working right now we are sharing my car. So, each week right now I get it one day a week for my weekly drs appt. Next week I will need it two days because I could not reschedule one of my appts. Do you know how hard it is to runs all of your errands in one day?!? I am finding it near impossible without wearing myself out. Most Thursday (my normal car day) I have my doctor's appointment, I go to the post office, the cross stitch shop to either pay supplies or to have something framed, run an errand or two for my dh and try to go to the grocery store. By the time I get home it is time to pick up dh from his carpool. That is not counting dealing with the dog and making sure that something for dinner is out and thawing.

I need to be more organized on Thursday's. This morning I had to have the car at the tire place at 7:00 because of tire light went on a couple of days ago but dh tells me about it this morning on my way to drop him off for his carpool. He has left it with the gas light on and I had to stop at the first gas station. Came home to grab my piece to be framed and ran back out I am home right now because I needed to take my pain med before I run back out. At least tomorrow is an at home day. Yeah !!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow it has been a while

Let me catch you up on what is going on...... Ian is doing well his first trimester of pharmacy tech school. Rachel is in her second year at ETSU. She is really struggling with her health and with her heart as her boyfriend is at WKU about six hours away from her. She is thinking of transferring there next year even though we don't want her too.

David is having a very rough year this school year. Metro has cuts all budgets severely expecting the teachers to pick up the slack and we don't have the extra money for it. He is a science teacher who is expected to do two experiments a week without the school system getting the needed supplies. We have had to get creative this year. I am still home and canning like crazy up until this last week. We have had so much rain that the tomatoes are dead. So sad as we picked into November last year. I think I have some peppers to pick and then I need to check on the fall garden. The garden looks so bad this year as we have not been able to keep up with the weeds. Lesson learned for next year. My health is up and down like normal. My blood sugar reads need to get under control or I am on insulin by December. I am working very hard on that.

I wanted to share some of the things we are doing to cut back:

I have $200 to $250 a month for food. That is for three sometimes 4 people and when Rachel is home it can jump to six when her boyfriend comes over. That may seem a lot to some people but most months it is the lower end then the higher. We are tying so hard to pay down our debt so that we can live comfortable on his income. We have a new bill that starts in Feb. so I need to make room for it. I am trying to squeeze the pennies hard right now. Now, I am married to a man who loves meat and loves to snack. He is diabetic and a heart patient also so I have struggled to find snacks that he should have. I cook from scratch most nights and I buy very few convenient foods. For snacks I buy popcorn and pretzels. I also bake zucchini or pumpkin breads for him to snack on. I try to buy tortilla chips when I can find them on sale even though he will eat no name brand. In the summer I can as much salsa as I can as this is his favorite snack. Our meals are very humble and I repeat favorites though I try a new recipe every week. We eat out every other weekend that corresponds with his payday. It is our "date" night. We go to inexpensive places or we share a meal. I have started to be creative with what I already have. All of my meat was found on sale or I don't buy it. My meals no long revolve around the meat but it is a side dish instead. My meat man has learned to enjoyed meatless meals.

I had my dh hang shelves for me in my "new" laundry room so I can hang clothes inside as we are not allowed to have clothes lines outside. I use half of the laundry soap and I do make my own when I can't find a great sale on it. I have four extra bottles right now when they went on sale for $1.50 each.

I do not turn on lights until they need to be on. I try to keep the temperature inside the house around 72-73 in the summer as any warmer then that makes me physically sick. I love cold weather because I don't hurt as bad and my breathing is better.

I try to use and reuse when I can. We recycle and compost. Our garden was 32 by 40 this year and we are planning to enlarge it next year. I have not bought new clothes since I have been home except when we were planning our anniversary trip this summer and I needed shorts. I fix and repair what I can and make the rest.

I am currently working on Christmas gifts. Last year the only gifts we bought were for the kids and I have handmade stuff for them also. I love taking the time to make something special for each person or family group that we give to. Hand made are typically the most loved in the long run and simply gifts are typically the best. Find out special needs and try to fill them. With so many people hurting due to layoffs and hours cut back basic needs could be filled during the holiday season.

These are just a few of the ways that we can cut corners during these times.
God Bless.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Financing Found.....kinda

ok, in my last post I mentioned that we were needing to find money to help our son attend school next month. We ended up tapping into our annuity to pay for part of it. It is up to him to find the balance. This will get him a little over half way. He most likely won't have to find money until his final trimester. He has agreed that if for whatever reason he does not finish he owes us the money back. Hate to be so hard but this is the third school for him in three years. He has struggled in a traditional four year school so I am hoping that he will do better. He starts next Tuesday so pray for him please.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exciting News

We received word last week that Ian has been accepted in the Pharmacy Tech program that he had applied for. We are so happy for him. They only take 25 max and they had a record number of people apply. this is a one year program. Pray now that we are able to find a loan for him as the traditional student loan services do not pay for this program. I will write about other things going on later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry I've been gone....

Boy was June busy.....canning a storm. I love seeing those beautiful jars filled with yummy treats for later. July has started out busy also. Hard to believe that my honey goes back to work in a month. Where has the summer gone? Our garden is still producing alot. The broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and summer squash are gone. The zucchini is reeving up for another round. We have already gotten over 30 pounds of zucchini. The tomatoes are finally starting to turn and the peppers are loving the heat. We are finally having luck with cucumbers this year. I love making pickles with then. Last year I ended up buying the cucumbers for the pickles. I need to find a dehydrator for the peppers. I want to try to make our own chili powder. We'll see what happens.

I am excited that next week the animals start going back to school. I want my laundry room back. We have two chameleons, a corn snake, a tarantula, a leopard gecko, a tree frog, an Egyptian toad, and a snider skink. We have had the "zoo" home this summer.

Need to go. I will try to post more.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back from Vacation !!

We are finally home from our amazing anniversary trip. 25 years !!!!!! We went through 10 states in 10 days and put over 3,000 miles on the car. It was great and I will post more when the pictures are ready to post.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dental Woes

Why is it that even though we have dental insurance we still end up with huge dental bills. My dear dd had her four wisdom teeth pulled in January, now she needs a root canal and two crowns and she is only 19 !! The dental specialist who is going to do the root canal said that our part was $799.80. WHAT!!!!!!! That was after insurance. Who knows how much the crowns will cost. I am hoping she can wait until the new year for the crowns. How many people of that kind of money sitting around for dental work. I know some people do but I know most don't. I had to cancel the appointment this morning until I can get that kind of money. She is not hurting bad so I don't feel completely bad about having to reschedule.

My dear husband and I are planning a trip next month for our 25th wedding anniversary. Do I take the money from that and postpone the trip or wait and hope she doesn't hurt until we get back? That is the question right now. God Bless.

Monday, May 25, 2009

First Weekend of Summer

My dh is a teacher and Friday was his last day officially. So this is our first weekend of summer. We tackled the craft room/den Saturday and Sunday with so much energy that both of us are tired today. I am starting to see floors and walls. Yeah !!!! Dd, Rachel, has one more week of US History 1020? (the second one you take in college). Next week is starts Developmental Psy.

Today, being Memorial Day, we ended up grilling inside due to rain. We grilled at lunch as both children work this evening. Now, of course, it is beautiful outside. Oh well.

This week, dh and ds are going into his classroom to paint (Tuesday and Wednesday), I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I need to grocery shop Friday as it is payday. I will continue to work in the craft room and the rest of the house. Must go - have a blessed day.

Memorial Day -- USA

Today is the day that the US honors its veterans. Having lived here 19+ years now I know quite a few veterans and I am indeed blessed to know them. May God bless you in all that you do.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Time

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I have blogged. Been busy. This week we are not suppose to have rain before Friday. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garden is water logged. ~Smile~ come August remind me how I didn't want rain. My dd, Rachel, is home from college and taking classes this summer at the local university. She is working part time this summer also. It has been an adjustment having her home again.

Today, need to go by Goodwill, grocery shop, pick up potting soil, exercise, work in craft room and laundry. dinner tonight is chicken, green veggie and salad. Starting a new diet today, we will see how it goes.

Will write more later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, Rain and more Rain

We have had rain every day since April 30. This morning we had a sprinkle, tomorrow we are not suppose to get rain and then there is a chance of rain for the next five days. I hope this is not the feast before the famine during the summer. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my seeds planted. I need to start some seeds also.

Today I overdid it and now I have a headache. Tomorrow I will have to plan with care so I don't have a repeat. I will write more in a couple of days.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Month

Wow I just realized how long it has been since I have posted. Been busy with the garden and fixing the damage from the Good Friday tornadoes. They say it was an F4 that hit a little over a block from us. We feel blessed to have only damage to our privacy screens in the back. One of the elders in our church lost everything.

We finally got rain last night. Hooray !!!!!! My garden is happy now. I was going to plant some seeds today but they can wait. We have planted 2 blueberry bushes, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and banana peppers. I need to plant beets, more lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, peas, beans, sunflowers and pumpkins. I am so excited. I have a friend that has already told me that her plum tree is in flowers this year so I can come and pick when it is time. I think that our farmer's market opens next week. I was going to go this morning but dh took my car. We are trying tomato trees this year. They are suppose to reach 7 feet tall and have up to 160 pounds of fruit on each tree. I will let you know how it goes. I am making my list of non-garden supplies so that I will be ready when we start to harvest. I already have extra white vinegar and white sugar. I have canning salt already and I most likely will need more jars. I found two boxes at Goodwill but have not seen any since then. I will definitely need more canning lids. I will start to pick them up when I go food shopping. I can't wait. I really enjoy canning season. The rows of jars filled with goodies make me so happy. ~Smile~

Today I need to wash sheets, sweep living room, working in the kitchen and iron. I need to set up a schedule of chores so that I don't have a lot on any one day. My sweet dd, Rachel, will be home in one week. She only has two finals next week and my dh, David, is talking Friday off so we can go and get her. She is excited to be coming home. She is taking two summer classes and the start the Monday after she gets back. She is taking American History II in May and Development Psychology in June. Both classes will transfer to her school and she will be a sophomore when she goes back in August. Also, her job is waiting for her and she will start the week after she gets back also.

Dinner tonight is: Eating Out - dh and I eat out on paydays. Ds works so he will eat at work.
Until next time ~ God Bless

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is the photo that my neighbor took on Good Friday from her back yard. The red truck and small shed are in our back yard. This is how close the tornado came to our home.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Tornadoes

Good Friday, April 10th tornados ripped through Murfreesboro, TN killing two,over 40 wounded and affecting over 500 homes and businesses.  One of the areas hit the hardest was my neighborhood.  We still need to show ID to get to our home.  We did not have any structural damage only minor damage to a privacy fence outside.  But the fact that it hit a block and a half from me has left me shaken.  I am hoping to post a link to you tube so you can see what I am talking about.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Damage In Town

Last night we were under a tornado watch just south and west of us.  This morning we saw considerable damage to at least 8 businesses about five miles from us.  The storm went right over us but we were blessed with no damage this time.  One of the businesses damaged was my chiropractors office and the car wash that we go too.  A section of town had no power for about three to three and half hours including the restaurant that my son works at.  He lost four hours of work last night but at least he was safe.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Changes in the wind

After seeing the doctor this week I realized that I need to make a lot of changes.  We need to change the way we eat radically.  My blood glucose numbers are way too high and I need to be proactive to change that.  My problem is mainly snack foods.  I also need to work on portion control.  I will start weighing and measuring everything.  Also next week I will look into Sports Com to see what they offer swimming wise and exercise classes.  I have started walking more with Snowball everyday.  I need to start trying more like twice a day but once a day is better than I was doing.  I will write more later.  They are talking about tornadoes on the tv.

More shopping receipts

ok,  I have been postponing writing this because I am sure that I have gone over budget.  Just not thinking on my part.  Well here it is:

March 21

Kroger:  tortillas and cheese

March 23

2 boxes Ritz crackers
3 12pk of soda
something else that I can not read

March 27

2 bags tortilla chips
1 gallon skim milk
2 boxes Crystal Light 
laughing cow cheese
3 boxes fruit and grain breakfast bars (for dh)
Pam spray
sunflower seeds
2 cans lite peaches
3 cans lite fruit cocktail
3 cans lite mandarin oranges
bath tissue
2 cans spaghetti sauce
2 pks Extra gum
hot dogs
2 pks sliced ham (marked down)
10 pks ground round (marked down)

March 28
1 large vanilla pudding
2 bags rice cakes
2 lemons
3lbs apples

Grand Total:  $90.00
leftover for month: $38.96

WOW !!!!!!  I thought I was over.  I am sure I have missed some receipts because I only have $22 and change in my grocery envelope.  Either way I have done better than I thought.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grocery Shopping for March

I have run to the store two more times since I last posted and I am trying to keep up with it so I am going to post here with it. 


1 bag of spinach  (for school animals)
1 bag Lay's Kettle chips (dh asked for them)

Total:  $5.50

Today at Publix

I 6pk roll of Charmin
2 boxes Eggo Waffles (they were on a really good sale)
Dawn dish soap
I reusable bag (got for free after coupon)

Total:  $9.51
Total spent so far in March:  $71.04
left for the month:  $128.96

I think I am doing well since it is the 12th of the month already.  I know the Eggo's were a splurge but I wanted something different for breakfast.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First shop of the Month

ok,  I was able to find a little bit more money in the budget for groceries so I have $200 instead of $146.  I did my first shop this morning.

I got from Krogers:

4 12pk of caffiene free diet Pepsi
kroger brand cherrios
dish soap 
dishwasher soap
2 boxes instant oatmeal
2 bags tortilla chips
2 boxes of popcorn
1 tub of low fat vanilla yogurt
1 pkg hot dogs
romaine lettuce hearts
green leaf lettuce 
hot dog buns
hamburger buns
1 loaf of bread
1 dozen eggs
extra sugar free gum
1 green bell pepper
2.39 lb of green grapes
pkg of radishes
3 lb of apples
2.37 lb of bananas

Total was :  $56.03
left for the month:  $143.97

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goals for March

Ok,  as I said in my last post Feb. has been a hard month for us.  I have decided that I need to set goals for March so I can get the bills paid. ~smile~

1.  Groceries and eating out - we eat out way too much.  We need to limit eating out to pay days only. We look at this as our date night but truthfully we eat a lot of our meals with just the two of us now.  Ian is working nights and Rachel is still away at school.  Maybe we need to eliminate this until Rachel gets home at least.  Groceries is another issue.  I have a lot of food in the house and if I would take the time I could make it work.  I only have $146 budget for food for March.  That is for both categories.  I have to work hard to make it work better.

2.  Utilities - these were double what I was expecting except for water.  We need to do better with  wasteful use of our electric and gas.  Water stays about the same when Rachel is not home.  When she is home it increases about $10 a month.  I need to go around shutting off lights and regulating our heat.  Dh already says that the house is cold but my bill is still way to high. 

3.  Cell phones and home phones - I need to start writing letters or send messages on email.  Our cell phone bill is slowly creeping up due to my use.  We only have local on the home phone and I need to start using it for local not my cell phone.

4.  Discretionary Spending - I need to not buy anything for a needlepoint class I am taking.  I need to make use of what I have already.  This can really add up fast.  Dh buys for his class room animals from our money so I need to figure out how much he uses each month to budget for it.

5.  Household Budget - this is for things for the house.  Weather stripping, drywall mud, etc....  Our backdoor in the laundry room needs weather stripping and new trim.  I will try to find the money to start this.

6.  Spring Break - Dh will be home the entire third week of the month and will be wanting money to do things around the house.  We will have to sit down and determine what we are willing to pull out of the savings for this.  Also we will be driving to pick up Rachel and then taking her back.  This will take money for gas, food and lodging.  Dh is going to get her and will stay in her dorm room to save money but going back we will both be going (as of right now) so a hotel room will need to be reserved.

7.  Taxes - I still need to file these.  I will work on Ian and Rachel"s first as theirs are a lot easier then ours.  I will most likely need to take ours to someone this year.  Ian owes us $60 and has said that we can take it from his return.  We will most likely owe money this year because of my disability.  They did not take taxes out last year.  I have corrected that so that next year we don't have the same issue.  

8.  Crafting - okay this is the area that I enjoy the most.  I need to get some sewing done but first I need to work in that room.  I need to continue working on my class project and my other needlepoint piece.  I also need to start working on the six wedding gifts that I will need starting in April.  One in April, three in June, one in July and one in October.  Busy busy wedding year.

I think this will give me more than enough to concentrate on for March.
Wish me luck.

End of the Month

ok,  I can't believe that it is Feb. 28th already.  Where is the year going already.  I can't wait for the weather to make up its mind.  We have freezing ice on day and then by the weekend it is almost 70.  My trees are starting to bud and tonight we have a winter weather advisory.  See what I mean.  This month has been stressful financially.  We purchased a new car as ours was about to start costing us alot for a used car that was never right very soon after we bought it.  So we purchased a 2008 Kia Rondo.  I like it and it sits higher so it is easier for me to get in and out of.  Between that and our parent loan starting its payments this month it has been a juggling act.  Hopefully March will be better.

Monday, February 16, 2009

GiveAway at $5 dinners

I was just reading on one of my favorite sites:  $5 dinners and she is having a fantastic giveaway right now.  She has been blessed with Wal-Mart gift cards that she won in a contest.  Wal-Mart has blessed her with a year's free groceries.  She has decided to share her wealth.  Go to $5 dinners and enter telling her tips for shopping at Wal-Mart (if you do shop there) and how you would use $25 dollars there.  Giveaway ends on February 22.  Go Luck.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wonderful day !!!!!

Today my bff and I drove into Nashville and took a needlepoint class.  We also joined ANG, American Needlepoint Guild.  Needlepoint is a dying art and I love working on it.  It is my release, what I do to unwind.  Some people veg in front of the television -- I stitch.  My bff, Susan and I can stitch with each other for hours and stitch without saying much at all.  Just a "look at this color" or "what do you think of this stitch".  Drives my daughter nuts.  LOL  The design being offered is one that uses up little bits and this fiber and that fiber.  I love stuff like that.  I hate little bits that you can't do much with most of the time.

So now I have three projects going on.  ~smile~  I don't get bored this way.  Two of them are for me finally.  My dh complains that everything I stitch is for others.  Now I can say "no this is for us".  I have one at the framers also.  I will try to post a pic when it gets back.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Groceries for February

Well here it is Feb 11 and this is my first post of the month.  Shame on me !!  I have been busy stitching.  Also I had a couple of days with the crud going around.  Dh is a middle school teacher so he brings home every germ.  That's for sharing honey !! LOL

Well last Friday I had seventy dollars for two weeks and it is gone.  I wont have any money for groceries until Feb. 20.  So, I am challenging myself to see how long I can go without going to the store for food.  I just picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.  I am going to start baking my bakery goods again.  I just got lazy  LOL.  A gallon of milk will last us until it expires which is the 22nd of Feb since I only use it on my cereal.  The soda is gone so I will be making ice tea and lemonade that I picked up for 28 cents a container for Country Time powdered mix. I have a lot of meat and frozen veggies.  I will use leftovers for dh's lunch.  I am down to one can of tuna.  Not good.  I am long in pasta and homemade sauce, home canned pears and tomato products.  I have over 30 lbs of flour in the freezer,  about ten lbs of sugar in the pantry and about 7 lbs of oatmeal in the pantry.  I have home canned pinto and white beans and pickles (both dill and sweet).  In the freezer I have pork, chicken and a little beef.  No hot dogs or items like that that dh likes but I'm sorry.  Money is tight right now.  I will be eating out tomorrow as I will be out of town for a needlepoint class.  My bff is taking a day off of work to go with me.  For snacks I have three bags of tortilla chips and home canned salsa.  Or I have the makings for a cheese dip.  

I think it is doable.  Here is my tentative menu:

2/10  ham, sweet potatoes and green beans
2/11  stir fry using leftover chicken
2/12 chicken, mashed potatoes and veggie
2/13  bean burritos, spanish rice and chips and salsa (we usually go out to eat Mexican so I am making it at home)
2/14 steaks, mashed potatoes and asparagus
2/15  baked pasta
2/16 pork chops, corn and carrots
2/17 chicken, stuffing and veggie
2/18 chili or taco soup
2/19 ham, sweet potatoes and veggie
2/20 chicken, peas and carrots
2/21 lasagna rolls
2/22 fish, peas and veggie

that will get me to next payday.  All these are subject to change.  Dh sometimes comes home wanting something different then what I have planned.  For lunches I have tuna, leftovers, mac and cheese, homemade soup and peanut butter and jelly.  I don't know yet ds schedule as he starts management training on the 22nd.  He works mainly nights right now.  I have $100 budgeted for next payday for food but I am going to see if I can come in much lower.  If I go by myself I can do it.  If I have know how it goes.  Wish me luck.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I was given a bag of lemons last week and I am not sure what to do with them.  Any ideas?  We are both diabetic so alot of desserts would not work unless they were sugar free.  I really want to use them before they go bad.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missing her....

Yesterday we dropped our daughter off at school again.  I really enjoyed having her home for the month or so that she was here.  We took the time to rearrange her room so that it would be easier for her.  She has a private room this semester. ~smile~  Classes start today for her.  She had to be at work at 7:30 am.  She works at the day care on campus.  I will not get to see her again until spring break unless the take a road trip.  When we left she was excited to hook up again with some of her friends.  Do well this semester sweetie.  Miss you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Menus for Jan 8-31

Okay,  I know I am behind in planning my menus but until the pantry got set up I wasn't sure what I had.  Here goes for the rest of the month:

8th - Chicken Stew
9th - Meatball Subs
10th - Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, veggie
11th - Chicken in crockpot, potatoes and veggie
12th - Spaghetti
13th - leftovers
14th - Soft Tacos
15th - Chicken, corn and veggie
16th - Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw
17th - Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
18th - Fish, Peas and veggie
19th - Chicken, potatoes and veggies
20th - Taco Soup
21st - Pork Chops, peas and veggie
22nd - Chicken stir-fry and rice
23rd - Eating out
24th - Spaghetti
25th - Chili
26th - Ham, sweet potatoes and green beans
27th - Chicken, stuffing and veggie
28th - Hamburgers, cole slaw
29th - Baked Ziti
30th - Chicken fajitas
31st - leftovers or soup and sandwiches

These are subject to be moved around.  Most meals are just dh and I as dd is going back to school.  Ds, Ian works most nights.  Most leftovers will be used for lunches for David the following day.  Most of this is in the house already in the pantry or the freezer.  I think all I need to round out the month is milk and fresh fruit though I do have home canned fruit and some frozen fruit.  So maybe I can avoid buy fresh fruit.

I am still debating ordering the Angel Food this month.  I need to make a decision by this weekend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year same challenges...

Today has been a busy day.  My daughter had all four wisdom teeth taken out and I had two doctors appointments - all before noon.  Thank goodness for her boyfriend who came to take her home for me and stayed until I got back.  My sweet daughter doesn't handle pain really well and we couldn't get her pain meds until I got back with the car.  Poor thing.  She just woke up very hungry so I have homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove smelling wonderful.  Dad and I will have grilled cheese sandwiches with it.  Perfect for a rainy night.  

Well my dear son, Ian has officially withdrawn from college and has applied at a tech school.  He wants to study computer IT and found out that there is a nine month wait to get into the program.  So now he needs to find a day job to go with his night job.  His night job only gives him 20-27 hours a week and he will need more than that.  He is thinking of applying to substitute teach for the county.  His finance knows that this will delay the wedding but is happy that he has figured out what he wants to do to support them. ~smile~.

Rachel is going back to ETSU next week after a very successful first semester.  She is scheduled to take 16 hours this semester.  She is also scheduled to work over 14 hours at the daycare on campus.  She will have a private room this semester also.

The big news is -- I have a pantry now.  During dear husband's Christmas break he installed four new shelves on one side and moved one to the other so I now have eight shelves where my washer and dryer were.  Once I moved my food there I realized that I don't have as much food in the house as I thought.  I showed my best friend and she said the same thing.  Appliances take up three shelves and food on five but it is kinda bare looking.  I moved my home canned goods into the kitchen.  It is nice not to have them spread out over many different rooms.  However my deep freeze and my freezer (beside the fridge) are full to busting.  LOL  I don't need more frozen food.

My new laundry room is set up except for the cabinets.  We are saving our money to pay cash for them.  We will have a L shape cabinet with maybe above cabinets.  I can't wait.  Winds damaged part of my new patio screen.  Once we get some drier weather we will fix it.  We normally get strong winds in the spring so we will have to figure out how to keep it from damaging again.

This month has brought some unexpected bills our way.  The insurance finally paid on dear husband's hospital bill from last summer and we got our bill from the hospital today.  Also Rachel oral surgery and my co-pays for the new year that I had forgotten about when I scheduled the appointments.  I found out today that I will need a CPAP machine and the insurance only pays so much for it.  I also need another pair of diabetic shoes for casual times.  My other pair are very heavy and it is a dress shoe.  Also our utility bills were a little higher than budgeted.  While dear husband was working on the pantry I couldn't use my kitchen really for about a week so we ate out much more than normal.  Can we say ugh.....At least I need little from the grocery store this month.  I am still debating whether to get an Angel Food box for this month.  I was impressed with their fresh fruit and vegetable box last month and they are offering it again this month.

Dinner tonight is homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese.  Still planning the rest of the month.  God Bless everyone.