More shopping receipts

ok,  I have been postponing writing this because I am sure that I have gone over budget.  Just not thinking on my part.  Well here it is:

March 21

Kroger:  tortillas and cheese

March 23

2 boxes Ritz crackers
3 12pk of soda
something else that I can not read

March 27

2 bags tortilla chips
1 gallon skim milk
2 boxes Crystal Light 
laughing cow cheese
3 boxes fruit and grain breakfast bars (for dh)
Pam spray
sunflower seeds
2 cans lite peaches
3 cans lite fruit cocktail
3 cans lite mandarin oranges
bath tissue
2 cans spaghetti sauce
2 pks Extra gum
hot dogs
2 pks sliced ham (marked down)
10 pks ground round (marked down)

March 28
1 large vanilla pudding
2 bags rice cakes
2 lemons
3lbs apples

Grand Total:  $90.00
leftover for month: $38.96

WOW !!!!!!  I thought I was over.  I am sure I have missed some receipts because I only have $22 and change in my grocery envelope.  Either way I have done better than I thought.


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