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Meal plan for Dec 30 to Jan 12

Okay as promised here is the meal plan:

Breakfasts:  eggs and toast, eggs and fried potatoes, oatmeal, cold cereal, pumpkin chocolate chip    muffins, banana bread

Lunches:  leftovers, sandwiches or soup

Dinners:  chicken, stuffing and carrots
                grilled cheese and soup
                baked pasta
                pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw
                zuppa toscana soup
                chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans
                pork chops, baked potatoes and veggies
                homemade pizza X 2
                sausage, corn and green beans
                chicken taco soup

Snacks:  veggie straws, pretzels, muffins, banana bread, tortilla chips and salsa

You may notice that I did not post 14 dinners, that is because the other nights are leftover nights.  It is typically Tuesday nights as dh goes directly from work to a meeting and picks up something.  The baked pasta will have a sauce loaded with veggies and the homem…

Grocery Shop Dec 30, 2017

It has seems like I have lived in the grocery store the past month but today is different.  You see Friday was payday and after paying the bills and the incidentals I have $30 left for food for two weeks for two adults.  Now I have quite a bit of meat in the freezer and the pantry is not overfull but it is not empty either.  Doable but scary.  So I made my grocery list, listened to dh's requests and went to the grocery store.  Here is what I got:

2 big bags of tortilla chips
2 lb velvetta  cheese
1 pkg hot dogs
1 pkg hot dog buns
2 cans of mushrooms
2 small boxes of fish sticks
1 container sour cream
1 container cottage cheese
1 bag whole wheat flour
1 container ice cream
bologna, 1 pkg
1 dozen eggs
drink mix
2 containers wet dog food
1 can enchilada sauce

I spent $32.07.  I did have a couple of dollars that I had found extra.  Not bad really I think.  Dh had requested the tortilla chips, velvetta cheese, fish sticks and hot dogs.  The cottage cheese is the only thing I needed for…

I am still here ....

I can't believe that it has been over 3 months since I have posted last.  Life has indeed been busy.  As in watching my grandson up to 50 hours a week busy.  My daughter, who expecting her second son, is home now full time so I only get him a couple of hours a week now when she needs a break.  Second one is due in March but she is having a lot of issues this time and fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and that is what brought her home.  In other news, my ds and his wife have decided not to adopt the young man they have fostered in their home since March.  He is to removed from their home this week.  He had unfortunately gotten violent towards my dil.  Here is a photo of the little guy.  It is hard to believe he will be one next month.  Have a blessed day.

Today I am thankful for .....

Today I am thankful for friends and family.  I have a small circle of close friends and I am blessed to have them in my life.

There is Susan, my bestie, who is my partner in crime.  We met when she worked for me at a needlepoint shop.  She loves the needlepointer in me and my crafting ways.  We love to sit in silence and stitch all day long.  She is younger than me and more like a little sister.  I love her dearly.

Next is Gayle.  I meet her went we were working in side by side businesses.  We were both members of manager and we used to help each other with change on the weekends.  My children were little then, just in elementary school and hers were in middle school.  It is hard to believe that we have known each other that long.  She is my sewing buddy, really a sewing mentor.  She can sew anything she puts her mind too.  I am blessed to have her in my life.

Finally there is Beverly.  We met at church many many many years ago.  she has been my christian mentor though I don't thi…

Kroger Trip June 24, 2017

Ok off to the grocery store again.  Today I got:

3 small bags of pistachio
1 bottle of pinot noir
2 6 pk of diet pepsi
1 bottle of Irish Spring

Total spent:  $21.61
minus Irish Spring - $3.99
New Total:  $17.31

Will post next weeks menu later.

Meal Plan for June 18 - 24

Here is how I am planning to use what I have.

Sunday - D:  Hot dogs and potato salad

Monday - B:  Cereal and milk
                L:  Grilled cheese sandwiches
                D:  Chicken, zucchini and corn

Tuesday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                 L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                 D:  Pork Roast, squash and potatoes

Wednesday - B:  Protein shake
                      L:  Grilled Cheese and soup
                      D:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw

Thursday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                  L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                   D:  Pasta

Friday  - B:  Protein shake
               L:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw
                D:  Dh on fishing trip,  me leftovers

Saturday - B:  Eggs and toast
                 L:  Grilled Cheese
                  D:  Chicken, corn and squash

Kroger Shop

When we got home from vacation my daughter took me grocery shopping.  So here is what I got.

18 eggs
1/2 gallon of milk
2 boxes of instant iced tea mix (dh will only drink this)
2 small bags of pistachio
12 cans of dog food
1.51 pounds of cabbage
2 pounds of carrots
5 apples
1 pkg of diapers

Spent:  $31.25
Minus diapers:  $5.49
Spent on food:  $25.76

Daughter took eggs, milk and most of our fresh stuff while we were on vacation.  I had put bread and buns in the freezer before I left so I didn't have to buy bread.  The dog food is 3 weeks worth as we only give her half a can at a time to take her meds with.  The pistachios were on sale really cheap so a treat for dh.

Hopefully won't need anything at least until Saturday.


I had surgery shortly after the last post on my left wrist and elbow and dh took over cooking.  Mistake.  Blew the month's budget out of the water.  Then we went on vacation.  So we are back and I am starting again.  I will post shop in a min.

The Challenge Has Started .....

June 2 was the first paycheck of June, and our anniversary, so I can now say that the challenge has officially started.

Saturday saw me at the grocery store needing canning supplies, which is a different category.  I decided to pick up a few items then.  I forgot to take a picture but here is what I got:

Snyder cheese crackers (wanted to try, they're ok but won't buy again)
2 boxes turkey sausage patties
1 container baby food
2 bottles of yellow mustard
1 container grape tomatoes

Total spent:  $20.32
Total left for the week:  $4.68

I can do this.  I will post my menu in a little bit.

Grocery Shop May 22, 2017

Finally remembered to take a pic.  Just needed milk, lemon juice and half and half.  The milk and the half & half was needed for potato, sausage and kale soup that was on the menu for lunch today as dh took a day off of work.

total spent:  $6.11
total so far this week:  $20.07

Grocery Shopping May 20, 2017

In anticipation of next months pantry challenge I am trying to buy as little as possible the rest of this month.
I went to Kroger this afternoon and came away with:
Ritz crackers  (free) hamburger buns hot dog buns 1 loaf of bread celery mushrooms 2 containers of dog food 2 pkgs of gum 2 containers of yogurt 1 container of formula
Total:  $25.12 Subtract baby formula:  $11.16 Total spent:  $13.96
I forgot to take a picture before I put it away.  The gum and yogurt will also get rebates back from Ibotta.
Not bad.  I may have to go back and get lemon juice as I forgot that but I can't think of anything else.

My $25 a week challenge

Starting June 1 I am going to try a pantry challenge as I have a lot in my freezers and pantry.  June seems like a good time to start as dh is home for the summer from school and we tend to travel in June.

Some of my self imposed rules:

1.  Items for grandson's care are not included.  Such as formula or diapers.
2.  Only food items, not cleaning supplies or paper goods.
3.  Farmer's market purchases will be included as this is food. ~smile~
4.  Eating out is a separate budget though we need to drastically reduce this budget line.
5.  Garden is already in place so it is not included.
6.  Dog food is included for now.

We will see if I am able to do it.

It has been a while

I know that I am not the world's best blogger right now.  Man has it been busy .....  Dh had out patient surgery in October,  I had surgery in November, grandson was born in December (early) and my father died in January.  I started watching grandson full time the day after I got back from the funeral.  Like I say busy.  I watch him 40 to 50 hours a week typically and I realize I am not a twenty something anymore.  ~smile~  He is a very needy child and his mother holds him a lot.  He doesn't understand why nana tries to lay him down to sleep ~lol~.  I will keep trying.

In other news,  my son and his wife have been working on getting qualified to foster to adopt.  It has taken well over two years to complete the process but I am happy to announce that a young man will join their family on March 17.  If all goes well they will start the adoption process in six months time.  In Tennessee you must foster before six months before you can adopt a child in foster care.

Here is what g…