Meal Plan for June 18 - 24

Here is how I am planning to use what I have.

Sunday - D:  Hot dogs and potato salad

Monday - B:  Cereal and milk
                L:  Grilled cheese sandwiches
                D:  Chicken, zucchini and corn

Tuesday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                 L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                 D:  Pork Roast, squash and potatoes

Wednesday - B:  Protein shake
                      L:  Grilled Cheese and soup
                      D:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw

Thursday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                  L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                   D:  Pasta

Friday  - B:  Protein shake
               L:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw
                D:  Dh on fishing trip,  me leftovers

Saturday - B:  Eggs and toast
                 L:  Grilled Cheese
                  D:  Chicken, corn and squash


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