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It has been a while

I know that I am not the world's best blogger right now.  Man has it been busy .....  Dh had out patient surgery in October,  I had surgery in November, grandson was born in December (early) and my father died in January.  I started watching grandson full time the day after I got back from the funeral.  Like I say busy.  I watch him 40 to 50 hours a week typically and I realize I am not a twenty something anymore.  ~smile~  He is a very needy child and his mother holds him a lot.  He doesn't understand why nana tries to lay him down to sleep ~lol~.  I will keep trying.

In other news,  my son and his wife have been working on getting qualified to foster to adopt.  It has taken well over two years to complete the process but I am happy to announce that a young man will join their family on March 17.  If all goes well they will start the adoption process in six months time.  In Tennessee you must foster before six months before you can adopt a child in foster care.

Here is what g…