Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My baby's getting married !!

This is a picture of my daughter and her fiance Isaac.  They are planning a 2014 wedding.  That will give her time to graduate and find a job and for him to find a better job.  They are both so young that I think the long engagement is a good thing.  Life is good.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost done ....

moving Rachel back in.   It will most likely take the entire week but she wants to be done by Saturday so she can get ready for classes that start on Monday.  I should finish moving the craft stuff out tomorrow so she can set up her bed, etc.  I didn't realize I had so much stuff.

School is going okay for dh.  Frustrating at times but going okay.  His carpooling partner has been a blessing.  I need to make her something nice for Christmas to say thank you.  It allows me to go to the pool at least once a week and most weeks twice.

Got to go and take out puppy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wow It has been a month already ......

I didn't realize that it has been a month since my last post. Alot has happened. Dh goes back to work on Friday so we have been getting his classroom ready. He painted it this summer but got ambitious and painted sea life also. We did two sharks, a sea anemone, 2 starfish and a clown fish. Then he bought some other fish that he hung also. Yesterday I got his desk set up for him. It should be finished before he starts inservice. I have gotten more canning done last week. I canned 20 pints of salsa. This goes along with bread and butter pickles, zucchini relish and pickled beets. I have another double batch in the fridge ready to can but canning will have to wait a couple of days as I spent 5.5 hours in the ER last night. I have a chest strain and can not lift anything for a couple of days. It is affecting my left arm also. Rachel moves back home next month and I need to work on cleaning the dining room as this will become my craft room again and she will get her room back. She has just started packing as she is taking a class this month. It ends on August 3.

August is half over already .....

When I was younger I always thought it was funny when adults said that the year is "flying by".  Now I am the one saying it.  This year does seem like it is flying by.  School has started for dh and will start a t the end of the month for dd.  Birthdays are coming up and then it will be fall.  I love fall !!!!  I can't say it enough -- I love fall !!!!!

The garden has not been producing enough so it is nice to say that I finally have enough tomatoes picked for a batch of salsa.  That shall be my project for tomorrow.  I actually think I have enough for a double batch.  Not sure when I will have enough again as the tomatoes are not turning really quickly.  We got some rain today so I am hoping that this will help the process.  I also have dried beans to can and to make barbecue sauce to can also.  I need to reorganize the pantry and write down what I have and what I need to can or purchase.  My goal is to have a three month supply on hand.

We got dh a new laptop and he is excited !!!  Finally he has his own.  He can do his work without kicking me off the Mac.  He got a Sony.  He is still playing with it to figure out what all it does.