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My First Drug Store Deals

Here is my CVS shop. They also had everything that I wanted. Here is what I got:

2 boxes of Colgate
4 bottles of Dawn
2 bottles of Pantene
= $5.94 +$2 RR

This is my Rite Aid shop. They had everything that I went in for, Here is what I got:

3 Scope
2 bags of pistachios
3 boxes of Colgarte
= $9.58 OOP

This is my take from Walgreen's. They did not have any razors so I will need to go back for those. Here is what I got:

1 Head and Shoulders Shampoo
1 Head and Shoulders Conditioner
6 Right Guard deodarant
= $13.49 OOP + $6 RR

I don't think I did that bad. I still have the razors to pick up. So today I spent $29.01 plus $6 RR