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Menu for June 23 - June 29

Having to use what is in the house as much as possible.  Here is what I have planned:

Sunday - Breakfast:  eggs and sausage
               Lunch:  ham, potato salad and green beans
               Dinner:  baked chicken on salad

Monday - Breakfast:  banana bread
                 Lunch:  sandwiches
                 Dinner:  ham, potato salad and grilled veggies

Tuesday - Breakfast:  banana bread
                 Lunch:  sandwiches
                 Dinner:  bbq, slaw

Wednesday - Breakfast:  banana bread
                      Lunch:  sandwiches
                      Dinner:  dh - hot dogs  and me - muscle milk

Thursday - Breakfast:  eggs and bacon
                  Lunch:  sandwiches
                  Dinner:  sloppy joes

Friday - Breakfast:  oatmeal
              Lunch:  grilled burgers and slaw
              Dinner:  ham, slaw and grilled veggies

Saturday - Breakfast:  eggs and bacon
                 Lunch:  hot dogs and slaw
                 Dinner:  chicken leg quarters, potatoes and …

Menu for June 19 - 22

Okay,  I know I have dropped the ball with this and I hope to get better.  This is what I am planning for the rest of this week.

June 19
B - oatmeal
L - leftovers for me, hot dogs and slaw for dh
D - hamburgers and slaw

June 20
B - eggs and sausage
L - leftovers or sandwiches
D - grilled chicken salad

June 21
B - eggs and sausage
L - cabbage rolls for me, sandwiches for dh
D - hot dogs and slaw for dh, Muscle Milk for me at work

June 22
B - oatmeal
L - hamburgers and slaw
D - homemade pizza and salad

Snacks will be a choice of pretzels or popcorn.

I am still losing weight though it is a lot slower now.  I need to get back into getting to the gym.  Since the wedding I have not made it back but once.  I am trying to use what is in the house right now.  The only thing I need are hot dog buns for Friday night.

Wedding !!!

On June 1 my son married his sweetheart !!!  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and the rain held off until we were taking down the chairs.  There were about 25 people to share this wonderful day with them.

About to be pronounced husband and wife.

Ian giving me a kiss before the ceremony.