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First Shop of February

Ok today I did my first shopping on the month.

First off: Sam's Club

1 box Fiber One Bars
2 dozen bagels
1 pkg of Bath Tissue
1 case of Sun Drop (for dd)


Food Lion

10 boxes pasta
6 jars Ragu
2 Red Barons pizza
1 Texas Toast Cheese bread
1 TGIF potato skins
1 pkg chocolate chip cookie dough

$16.85 I saved $46.68. I got the 10 boxes of pasta for free. I also got the cheese bread, potato skins and cookie dough were free with the purchase of the pizzas. I had coupons for the pasta, Ragu and pizzas. The cashier at Food Lion was kinda nasty when I asked for a rain check for the Dove deodorant.

Spent: $52.84
Saved: 46.68
Left for the pay cycle (two weeks): $97.16