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Grocery Shop May 22, 2017

Finally remembered to take a pic.  Just needed milk, lemon juice and half and half.  The milk and the half & half was needed for potato, sausage and kale soup that was on the menu for lunch today as dh took a day off of work.

total spent:  $6.11
total so far this week:  $20.07

Grocery Shopping May 20, 2017

In anticipation of next months pantry challenge I am trying to buy as little as possible the rest of this month.
I went to Kroger this afternoon and came away with:
Ritz crackers  (free) hamburger buns hot dog buns 1 loaf of bread celery mushrooms 2 containers of dog food 2 pkgs of gum 2 containers of yogurt 1 container of formula
Total:  $25.12 Subtract baby formula:  $11.16 Total spent:  $13.96
I forgot to take a picture before I put it away.  The gum and yogurt will also get rebates back from Ibotta.
Not bad.  I may have to go back and get lemon juice as I forgot that but I can't think of anything else.

My $25 a week challenge

Starting June 1 I am going to try a pantry challenge as I have a lot in my freezers and pantry.  June seems like a good time to start as dh is home for the summer from school and we tend to travel in June.

Some of my self imposed rules:

1.  Items for grandson's care are not included.  Such as formula or diapers.
2.  Only food items, not cleaning supplies or paper goods.
3.  Farmer's market purchases will be included as this is food. ~smile~
4.  Eating out is a separate budget though we need to drastically reduce this budget line.
5.  Garden is already in place so it is not included.
6.  Dog food is included for now.

We will see if I am able to do it.