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Menus for the rest of March

Well my honey has asked me to spend as little as I can on groceries for the next month or two. More like two and a half at least. We are needing to pull money to savings to help pay for ds's wedding in December and he is wanting me to empty out the deep freezer so we can get an upright for me. I have been having trouble reaching items in the freezer now and honey is worried. We also need to get some work done around the house before then since there will be a lot of company then.

So in the house meat-wise I have:

meatballs (about half a bad)
chicken breasts
ground turkey
pork tenderloins flavored with herb and garlic.
hot dogs
maybe some whole chickens (don't remember)

My first trip to the grocery store netted the following:

1 box of spaghetti
1 box raisin bran (store brand)
1 box shredded wheat (store brand)
1 bag pistachios
1 box kitchen garbage bags
1 jar mayo
1.53 lbs of bananas
1 12 pk diet coke
1 gallon skim milk

total spent: $21.25

the pistachios and the soda were honey's trea…

Rain and garden

This past week has been my honey's spring break and the garden was our priority. He had already gotten it tilled but we need it to dry a little to plant. After testing the soil we found it had a ph of 8.0 so we then had to research how to fix it before we planted. It needed sulfur to balance out. Finally we got to plant our spring garden. In went red and green cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. We also have beets, radishes, snow peas and kohlrabi to plant. That will be done this week.

Today we are having rain again. We are to get it tomorrow also. We tore out 2 of 5 bushes up front and ripped out some candy tuffs that had long died. Going to replace some of it with mugo pines. They tend to spread out more than up. I have sunflower seeds and lavender seeds in soil to germinate before planting.

Can't wait to make pickled beets again. We are out and the kids are wanted me to buy some but I won't because I don't like them. In the next month or two we …

Pantry Basics

After reading on $5 Dinners what different readers had as their pantry basics I thought I would list mine.

Pantry :

flour (AP and bread)
sugar (white and brown)
sugar substitute
shelf stable milk
canned tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce and Rotel type
canned green chilies
canned black olives
some boxed cereal
boxed chicken broth
asst spices, must have chili powder though
some canned veggies
soy sauce
chili sauce
Worcester sauce
corn starch
canning salt
homecanned fruit
homecanned apple and pear sauce
tea bags
peanut butter
some canned beans
canned mushrooms

I am sure that I am forgetting something but my mind has gone blank. I am sure you get the idea though. I home can all I can and try to buy basic foods. I do have a can or two of cream of whatever soups though I would rather make home made.

Frozen items I try to have are: frozen veggies including stir fry or japanese veggies for the lo mein my family loves. I also have butter, walnut, pec…

Back after a Break

Life got really busy and I had to take a break from blogging. But back I am. Hoping to be able to post more.