Sunday, September 18, 2011

Septembers Goals

Since I am already at the 18th this will be a mini list.

1. Continue to lose weight

2. Pick green tomatoes to make pickled green tomatoes for dh

3. Work on organizing craft room

4. Keep kitchen clean.

I am alive .......

Wow, I did not realize that I have not blogged since May !!! There is so much to catch you up on.

May 2011
End of the year for dd in college and dh teaching middle school. We found out he was being displaced but we didn't know where so we had to pack everything and store it in his classroom until he found out where he would be placed. More on that latter. Dd made honor roll for the spring semester and we are so proud of her. We had to replant the lettuce and cucumbers thanks to a family of bunnies.

June 2011
Dh is taking a graduate level course as he is working toward his plus 30. It is in aerospace and he is loving it. He got a flying lesson and they travelled to Florida on a field trip. Ds was excited to pay off his car nine months early. It had been his goal to pay it off by June and he did it. We also celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary and my birthday. More replanting and harvesting the cabbage, broccoli and khorabi. The garden is not starting off to well for our summer garden.

July 2011
We entered a new phase of our marriage - empty nest. Both kids moved out the second weekend of July. They are roommates and are enjoying their new freedom. Dh wasn't home to help as he was in New Jersey for his sister's retirement party. She had taught kindergarden for 41 years. Wow !!!!!! Also this month dh and I travelled to Ontario Canada for a 60th wedding anniversary party. We had a wonderful, though quick, visit and got to see as many family and friends as we could. When we got home dh was told his placement. Not good - it is at a school 54 miles one way from home and he is teaching 7th not 5th like he wanted. She spend the last week of this month just finding the school and meeting the new administrators. Dd gets her driver's license this month also. Dh got the hall bathroom completely redone - new flooring (tile), new sink and faucets and he built a couple of shelves for me. We also painted. It looks so nice.

August 2011
First two weeks are spent moving dh into his new room. Wow he has a lot of stuff. Once he is settled and in a routine I must establish mine now. I have no vehicle now and if I need to go anywhere I need to call the kids. This is helped when dd purchased her first vehicle. She is so proud that she paid it in full and she has no car payment. I am pleased also. Both kids celebrate their birthdays this month. Ds is 24 now and dd is 22. Time has sure flown. We got new flooring in the rooms that the kids had and now one is an office and one is a craft room. I am still organizing the craft room.

September 2011
Dd is back at school now and is taking 15 hours. She also has acquired a second job. She actually starts that job tomorrow. She is learning how to juggle. Ds is doing well at work and is making friends. I have been canning tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and pickles. This year I am making bread and butter. No salsa this year as well still have quite a bit from last year.

Well you are caught up now. I will try very hard to blog more.