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Kroger Trip June 24, 2017

Ok off to the grocery store again.  Today I got:

3 small bags of pistachio
1 bottle of pinot noir
2 6 pk of diet pepsi
1 bottle of Irish Spring

Total spent:  $21.61
minus Irish Spring - $3.99
New Total:  $17.31

Will post next weeks menu later.

Meal Plan for June 18 - 24

Here is how I am planning to use what I have.

Sunday - D:  Hot dogs and potato salad

Monday - B:  Cereal and milk
                L:  Grilled cheese sandwiches
                D:  Chicken, zucchini and corn

Tuesday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                 L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                 D:  Pork Roast, squash and potatoes

Wednesday - B:  Protein shake
                      L:  Grilled Cheese and soup
                      D:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw

Thursday - B:  Eggs, sausage and apples
                  L:  Hot dogs and slaw
                   D:  Pasta

Friday  - B:  Protein shake
               L:  Pulled pork sandwiches and slaw
                D:  Dh on fishing trip,  me leftovers

Saturday - B:  Eggs and toast
                 L:  Grilled Cheese
                  D:  Chicken, corn and squash

Kroger Shop

When we got home from vacation my daughter took me grocery shopping.  So here is what I got.

18 eggs
1/2 gallon of milk
2 boxes of instant iced tea mix (dh will only drink this)
2 small bags of pistachio
12 cans of dog food
1.51 pounds of cabbage
2 pounds of carrots
5 apples
1 pkg of diapers

Spent:  $31.25
Minus diapers:  $5.49
Spent on food:  $25.76

Daughter took eggs, milk and most of our fresh stuff while we were on vacation.  I had put bread and buns in the freezer before I left so I didn't have to buy bread.  The dog food is 3 weeks worth as we only give her half a can at a time to take her meds with.  The pistachios were on sale really cheap so a treat for dh.

Hopefully won't need anything at least until Saturday.


I had surgery shortly after the last post on my left wrist and elbow and dh took over cooking.  Mistake.  Blew the month's budget out of the water.  Then we went on vacation.  So we are back and I am starting again.  I will post shop in a min.

The Challenge Has Started .....

June 2 was the first paycheck of June, and our anniversary, so I can now say that the challenge has officially started.

Saturday saw me at the grocery store needing canning supplies, which is a different category.  I decided to pick up a few items then.  I forgot to take a picture but here is what I got:

Snyder cheese crackers (wanted to try, they're ok but won't buy again)
2 boxes turkey sausage patties
1 container baby food
2 bottles of yellow mustard
1 container grape tomatoes

Total spent:  $20.32
Total left for the week:  $4.68

I can do this.  I will post my menu in a little bit.