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Wow it has been a while

Let me catch you up on what is going on...... Ian is doing well his first trimester of pharmacy tech school. Rachel is in her second year at ETSU. She is really struggling with her health and with her heart as her boyfriend is at WKU about six hours away from her. She is thinking of transferring there next year even though we don't want her too.

David is having a very rough year this school year. Metro has cuts all budgets severely expecting the teachers to pick up the slack and we don't have the extra money for it. He is a science teacher who is expected to do two experiments a week without the school system getting the needed supplies. We have had to get creative this year. I am still home and canning like crazy up until this last week. We have had so much rain that the tomatoes are dead. So sad as we picked into November last year. I think I have some peppers to pick and then I need to check on the fall garden. The garden looks so bad this year as we have not been…