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One Day a Week

Since my dh's paid for truck is not working right now we are sharing my car. So, each week right now I get it one day a week for my weekly drs appt. Next week I will need it two days because I could not reschedule one of my appts. Do you know how hard it is to runs all of your errands in one day?!? I am finding it near impossible without wearing myself out. Most Thursday (my normal car day) I have my doctor's appointment, I go to the post office, the cross stitch shop to either pay supplies or to have something framed, run an errand or two for my dh and try to go to the grocery store. By the time I get home it is time to pick up dh from his carpool. That is not counting dealing with the dog and making sure that something for dinner is out and thawing.

I need to be more organized on Thursday's. This morning I had to have the car at the tire place at 7:00 because of tire light went on a couple of days ago but dh tells me about it this morning on my way to drop him of…