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Review of February Goals

Ok,  reality really stinks.  On Feb. 5 my dear husband had to take me to the emergency room and I ended up having surgery the next day.  I have been out of work since.  No lifting for another 5 weeks over 20 pounds.  So much of my goals did not get done.  Lets see if I got anything done:  :)

Home Goals

1.  Continue to work on dining room area.  We are transforming it into a dining room. still not done
2.  Continue to straighten and organize sewing room. worked some in here but still not done
3.  Inventory pantry area and organize better.  dh worked on this a bit

Health Goals

1.  Start working out again.  I froze my gym membership for now
2.  Test sugar levels more consistently.  getting better
3.  Continue to write down what I am eating.  started doing this again

Spirital Goals

1.  Read bible daily.  getting better
2.  Attend ladies class on Sunday mornings.  attended when I could

Family Goals

1.  Date night with hubby X2  done
2.  Have dd and sil over once  done
3.  Have ds and dil o…