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It is wonderful to wake up to the sound of rain.  I find it very soothing.  I did sleep in however which means I missed my water aerobic class.  Not good.  I really hate driving in the rain so maybe this worked out for the better.

On tap today:

- laundry
- working in the kitchen:  I need to clean off the table and put the canning supplies back up
- hang the curtains in Rachel's room
- do some stitching

Dinner tonight will be chicken, veggie and mashed potatoes.
Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Remembering today

Today we remember 11 years ago all the lives that were loss.  For me, I had not turned on the television before I left for work at Eckerd, when I walked into the store at about 9:30 am I couldn't find anyone as almost everyone was in front of the television in the break room.  This was the first I had heard about it.  My manager had been trying to call a friend who worked in the twin towers and was worried.  Luckily his friend was on a business trip and was not at the office.  It was hard to stay focused at work but I had to work my ten hours.  By the time I got home it was the only thing on the television so I was able to get caught up.  I remember the sadness I felt for all of those children whose parent or parents would not be coming home, the bravery of the first responders who lost their lives and the ones left behind.  My brother in law was a fireman in New Jersey at this time and we feared for his safety.

It now saddens me to remember but I am proud of how far we have come.

Finally some beautiful weather !!

This past weekend we had amazing weather!!  We got rain on Saturday - it is much needed but wished we had gotten it earlier in the summer.  ~sigh~ After that it was cooler with a light breeze - the exact type of weather I have looked forward too.


September already !!

I have been losing track of days it seems.  September has been busy already.  We have basically wrapped up the garden early.  I only have banana peppers and  bell peppers left.  We decided against a fall garden because of the weather.  Speaking of weather - we have been receiving the rain that we need back in June and July.  We have more forecast tonight.  Maybe we should have done a fall garden.  Oh well.

Rachel still hasn't moved home yet and she keeps giving me excuses as to why she has not yet.  It is getting frustrating for me as I have moved my craft room and they damaged one of my bookcases to the point that we needed to toss it, trust me we tried every thing to fix it, and then if she doesn't move back home I will be angry that I had to move it to start with.

I just finished mending a pair of jeans for Ian and he is on his way for them.  I enjoy helping with the kids when they want clothing repaired because it shows me that they have learned not to just toss and buy ne…