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Dental Woes

Why is it that even though we have dental insurance we still end up with huge dental bills. My dear dd had her four wisdom teeth pulled in January, now she needs a root canal and two crowns and she is only 19 !! The dental specialist who is going to do the root canal said that our part was $799.80. WHAT!!!!!!! That was after insurance. Who knows how much the crowns will cost. I am hoping she can wait until the new year for the crowns. How many people of that kind of money sitting around for dental work. I know some people do but I know most don't. I had to cancel the appointment this morning until I can get that kind of money. She is not hurting bad so I don't feel completely bad about having to reschedule.

My dear husband and I are planning a trip next month for our 25th wedding anniversary. Do I take the money from that and postpone the trip or wait and hope she doesn't hurt until we get back? That is the question right now. God Bless.

First Weekend of Summer

My dh is a teacher and Friday was his last day officially. So this is our first weekend of summer. We tackled the craft room/den Saturday and Sunday with so much energy that both of us are tired today. I am starting to see floors and walls. Yeah !!!! Dd, Rachel, has one more week of US History 1020? (the second one you take in college). Next week is starts Developmental Psy.

Today, being Memorial Day, we ended up grilling inside due to rain. We grilled at lunch as both children work this evening. Now, of course, it is beautiful outside. Oh well.

This week, dh and ds are going into his classroom to paint (Tuesday and Wednesday), I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I need to grocery shop Friday as it is payday. I will continue to work in the craft room and the rest of the house. Must go - have a blessed day.

Memorial Day -- USA

Today is the day that the US honors its veterans. Having lived here 19+ years now I know quite a few veterans and I am indeed blessed to know them. May God bless you in all that you do.

Long Time

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I have blogged. Been busy. This week we are not suppose to have rain before Friday. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garden is water logged. ~Smile~ come August remind me how I didn't want rain. My dd, Rachel, is home from college and taking classes this summer at the local university. She is working part time this summer also. It has been an adjustment having her home again.

Today, need to go by Goodwill, grocery shop, pick up potting soil, exercise, work in craft room and laundry. dinner tonight is chicken, green veggie and salad. Starting a new diet today, we will see how it goes.

Will write more later.

Rain, Rain and more Rain

We have had rain every day since April 30. This morning we had a sprinkle, tomorrow we are not suppose to get rain and then there is a chance of rain for the next five days. I hope this is not the feast before the famine during the summer. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my seeds planted. I need to start some seeds also.

Today I overdid it and now I have a headache. Tomorrow I will have to plan with care so I don't have a repeat. I will write more in a couple of days.

New Month

Wow I just realized how long it has been since I have posted. Been busy with the garden and fixing the damage from the Good Friday tornadoes. They say it was an F4 that hit a little over a block from us. We feel blessed to have only damage to our privacy screens in the back. One of the elders in our church lost everything.

We finally got rain last night. Hooray !!!!!! My garden is happy now. I was going to plant some seeds today but they can wait. We have planted 2 blueberry bushes, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and banana peppers. I need to plant beets, more lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, peas, beans, sunflowers and pumpkins. I am so excited. I have a friend that has already told me that her plum tree is in flowers this year so I can come and pick when it is time. I think that our farmer's market opens next week. I was going to go this morning but dh took my car. We are trying tomato trees…