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Hancock Fabrics

For anyone interested, who lives in Middle Tennessee, Hancock Fabrics in Murfreesboro is going out of business and everything right now is at least 40 % off.  This includes sewing machines.  Everything must go to the walls.

Busy Times ...

Life has been hectic to say the least but all that is going to change soon.  We found out February 1 that my place of employment is closing.  I didn't see it coming so it definitely took me off guard.  After my initial anger I decided that it was a good thing and to adopt the motto "it is what it is".  I have been working more than normal since then as the liquidation sale started the 10th of February.  We have not been given an end date yet but it is assumed that we will not go into May.  Dh does not want me to find another job so I will be home soon full time.

A lot of changes lie ahead.  A lot of rethinking how we do things.  Staying home more, eating out less.  Working the garden harder than last year when I was working so much.  Needing to cut a lot of corners to save money.  My $400 to $500 a month really helped us.

Prayers are appreciated to make these changes successfully.