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Home from Vacation

Got home about a week ago but I have not been feeling well the entire week. Today it is a headache and belly ache. Hopefully by morning I will feel well enough to go to my swim class.

Meal Plan Monday

This is a short week as dh and I go on vacation Friday night. Ds and dd will be on their own for a week. Hope my kitchen is still in one piece when we get back.

Breakfasts: cold cereal, oatmeal, eggs, english muffins

Lunches: leftovers, tuna sandwiches, ham sandwiches


Monday - Canadian Thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, brussel sprouts with carmalized onions, green beans with mushrooms, rolls, cranberry sauce and pies.

Tuesday - Turkey casserole (use leftover turkey and stuffing with asst veggies)

Wednesday - Baked Pasta with any veggie leftovers tossed in

Thursday - Turkey lo mein

Friday - on the road

Saturday - visiting brother in law and family

Canadian Thanksgiving

Tomorrow we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. After going to four, count them four, grocery stores I finally found a big enough turkey that was not outrageously priced at Aldi's. Thank you Aldi's. Boy did I get some strange looks at Kroger. I know I am a month early for you but I needed to have one to celebrate. So the menu for tomorrow is:

sweet potatoes
green beans
brussel sprouts with caramelized onions yummmm
cranberry sauce
broccoli salad (maybe)

apple pie
pumpkin pie

I wish everyone a day filled with family, friends, love and thanksgiving.

October's Goals

Ahhh, October 1 and finally the weather is starting to feel like fall. I have decided that I need to spend my time more wisely and have a plan of attack. I will try to list my goals and I hope to revisit them from time to time to see how I have done.


-clean blinds and make curtains for laundry room and craft room
-clean hardwood in living room
- clean ceiling fan in living room and craft room
- look into getting new light fixture for kitchen dining area (I think ours has a short)
- go through my clothes and cull out those that don't fit or I don't wear

Feeding The Masses:

-rearrange and manage better my home canned goods
- make and can barbecue sauce
- make and can pinto and black beans
- inventory deep freeze, cull what is freezer burnt
- inventory pantry and rearrange for better usage
- inventory freezer/fridge so all can be used before spoilage
- make a weekly menu and try to stick to it to avoid last minute panic


- work on grocery bags (christmas gifts)
- finish cr…