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Seeing A Pattern Develop

I am starting to see a pattern developing and I need to stop it.  I am going to the grocery store almost everyday.  I didn't realize how much I really went.  Stopped yesterday to pick up lunch items for dh and prescriptions were not ready yet so I had to go back today.  Here is what I got:..

2/15  Kroger

1 loaf honey wheat bread
3 pkgs lunch meat

Total :  $8.71

2/16  Kroger

1 chocolate bar (Friday Freebie)
1 pkg cookies
6 cans Redgold tomatoes

Total:  $4.41

Like I said above the first group of items were for dh lunches.  She has to have low sodium lunch meat now and it is more expensive.  When I went in for my prescriptions today I checked out there markdown section and found Redgold tomatoes with green chilies marked down to .49 cents each so I got 6.  This is my pantry purchase for the week.  So I spent $3.23 for the pantry.

Picking Up A Few Things ...

This week I have picked up a couple of things here and there.  I discovered this morning that I am going through more bread and lunch meat than normal as dear husband is taking more sandwiches to work now so he can eat one coming home to avoid a low sugar.  So I will go back to the store today for that.

Here is what I have purchased so far this week:

2/11  Kroger
        1 box popcorn

 Total:  $1.07

2/13   Sam's Club
          1 box of baked chips
          2 bags kale salad mix

Total:  $17.51

2/14   Kroger
          1 head green leaf lettuce

Total:  $1.38

Total spent:  $19.96
Left for pay cycle:  $30.21

These purchases were mainly with dear husband in mind.  He had wanted popcorn REALLY bad and we didn't have any so I bought a small box and he got to enjoy it on Sunday.  Kale salad is a favorite around here and Sam's Club has the best mix.  It was on sale while I was there to pick up the chips so I snagged two bags.  The baked chips are individual bags for dh lunches.  Ba…

Grocery Shop Feb 10

Today was my first time food shopping for February.  I am really going to try hard this month to stick to my budget of $100 per pay cycle.  A pay cycle is two weeks.  This is also my first shop of our new "diet".  It will become a way of life now so diet is the wrong word really.  With dh's heart issues and both of us being diabetic if has to happen.  So today I went to Kroger.  Here is what I got:

5 # of unsalted butter @ $1.99 each
total:  $10.62

2 cards ( 1 birthday, 1 Valentine)
2 pkgs of sliced cheese
1 pkg low salt turkey
1 pkg low salt ham
1 loaf honey wheat bread
18 ct eggs
1 small box candy (Friday freebie)
2 bottles Italian dressing
2 small bottles orange juice
5 # unsalted butter
2 bags of pistachios
1/2 gallon skim milk
2 bottle dish soap
total:  $44.84

Total spent:  $55.46
2 cards (not food):  $5.29
Total spent on food:  $50.17
Left for pay cycle:  $49.83

Kroger was offering butter for $1.99 when you downloaded a special coupon today only.…