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Grocery Shopping April 28 and 29

Normally I plan my menus, inventory my pantry and freezers and then make a list. I didn't do that this week. I thought I had a good idea of what I had in the house so I just shopped. I don't think I did that bad considering. Here is what I purchased: Aldi's artisan lettuce strawberries fuji apples baby bella mushrooms honey nut cherrios bite size shredded wheat 40 oz ketchup 2 boxes of raspberry poptarts (my fav) drink mix sticks 2 loaves of bread TOTAL: 20.55 Kroger #1 12 lb dog food 3 12pk diet soda kitty litter (for the kids cats) 3 boxes of frozen veggies 4 bags of frozen stir fry veggies 2 pork tenderloins 1 bag of mini pretzels 1 pkg ham for lunches 4 pkg taco seasoning 2 bags dole salad mix 2 lb asparagus TOTAL: 72.18 Kroger #2 1.81 lb asparagus 1 container strawberries 5 pkgs instant potatoes 1 pkg dishwasher soap 3 cans of lite peaches 1 tictac TOTAL: 19.03 Animal City 1 pressed bone TOTAL: 3.24 Grand Total: $115.00 Left for May: $285.00 …

Week #16 Meal Plan

I know I am late with this this week. Just couldn't get a plan in place. It doesn't help that dh has a door on top of my deep freeze so I can't get in there to see what I have. So, I am using what is in the fridge, freezer and pantry this week. Sunday: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast; hot dogs and slaw; taco soup Monday: cold cereal, milk; sandwiches; grilled cheese and tomato soup Tuesday: peanut butter toast; sandwiches; chicken thighs, mashed sweet potatoes, green veggie Wednesday: blueberry muffins; sandwiches; baked pasta and salad Thursday: oatmeal; sandwiches; chicken lo mein Friday: blueberry muffins; sandwiches; date night Saturday: eggs, turkey bacon and toast; hot dogs and mac salad; homemade pizza Snacks: popcorn and pretzels

My current stitching project.

I am a little over halfway done with it. It is called Desert Star by Nancy Needle designs.

Week #15 Meal Plan

ok, well I am not quite settled on what meal on what night but I have a general idea of what we are going to have. Breakfast: cereal, muffins, eggs and toast Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches Dinners: sloppy joes chicken, sweet potatoes and veggie baked pasta chicken, mashed potatoes, veggie homemade pizza fish, corn and green veggie date night Snacks: popcorn, zucchini bread The sales on meat have not been really good recently (with my small budget) so I am using what is in my freezer and pantry but it is starting to get bare. This week skinless boneless chicken is on sale so I will most likely pick some up for next week. The weather is suppose to warm up again so I am back to warm weather meals again. I have not made chili or taco soup yet this year because dh only wants those in cold weather and this year we just haven't been cold yet. Our spring garden has done a lot better with the colder weather so hopefully I will have some crops to harvest soon.

Week #14 Meal Plan

Well Happy Easter everyone. It was wonderful to have both kids home for the meal. Now onto the meal plan.

- cereal, muffins or toast

-sandwiches or leftovers

- Easter Meal - ham, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, asparagus, brocolli and baby carrots, rolls, homemade pickles and cranberry sauce
- leftovers from Easter meal
- spaghetti and meatballs
- chili
- chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus
- chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies
- date night

Other than the items I needed for Sunday I have not purchased anything else for this week. I still need to buy bread and milk later this week but that should be it.

Finally ..... rain

We are finally getting rain. Unfortunately it had to come with its friends, wind and hail. My garden is so happy to receive the rain. We have a spring garden in - cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, rutabaga and kohlrabi. Some of the cabbage has not made it but hopefully with the rain the ret will perk up.

I have some heirloom seeds ordered, through my bff, I am getting early wonder beets, henderson black seed lettuce, tom thumb lettuce and giant white seeded sunflowers. I can't wait to plant them. We are needing a load or two of top soil and mushroom soil for part of the garden. It is very tired looking and last year we needed get much in this area. Hoping to plant tomatoes, green and banana peppers, zucchini and cucumbers. Maybe some peas and beans if I get ambitious.

Week #13 Meal Plan

David is on spring break this week so I have been mega busy. Here is what we have eaten so far and the rest of the weeks plan.


cold cereal, eggs and toast


hot dogs and slaw, sandwiches, leftovers


grilled chicken on salad x2
chicken lo mien
sloppy joes
date night
homemade pizza

We have been working on the house this week. Inside and out. The garden is weeded and now I am just praying for rain. :) Grass has been mowed. Inside we are still working on the master bathroom. It has been tiled (floor), painted and grouted, We have replaced the towel rack and the toilet paper holder. I have purchased two new faucets and a new light fixture. David is painting all of the doors also. I still need to purchase we electrical fixtures then we will be done.

So far I have only spent $45 on groceries. I will go grocery shopping this afternoon for more lunch stuff.