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Snow !!!!

Yesterday we had a snow day in which we actually got measurable snow. Being from the north I really miss snow but folks here are not sure what to do in it My honey was off and my son only had to go for three hours before they closed. It started about 10:30 and by noon had over 2 inches in the front yard. It changed to sleet last afternoon and into the evening. This morning we had flurries again. My honey and I went for a drive and the main roads are good but the side roads - yuck - that is where it is really dangerous. They are so bad my congregation cancelled worship tomorrow.

I had purchased soda and snacky foods on Thursday in anticipation of my honey being home as he is a teacher. So I did not panic like most people were. They normally forecast snow but we rarely get "snow".

Meals yesterday were:

Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: hot dogs and chips
Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs

Meals today are:

Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: mexican
Dinner: fish, carrots and either corn or …

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 19

Saturday was an errand day for me. Grocery store, pay bills, to Sam's Club and then back to the grocery store. I had been pricing things at Kroger and then hoped that Sam's Club was cheaper but they either were more expensive or didn't even had them so that is why I ended up back at the grocery store.

Yesterday we ate:

Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: hotdogs or baked potatoes
Dinner: chicken. mixed veggies, coleslaw and mac salad.

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 18

I forgot to post yesterday. Friday was a busy day and it was payday !! Yeah I love payday at least until I start paying bills. ~smile~

Yesterday we ate:

Breakfast: poptarts
Lunch: salad and pasta
Dinner: ate out - Mexican

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 17

Ok yesterday I wasn't feeling wonderful so it wasn't anything fancy for meals.

Breakfast: poptart
Lunch: soup and salad, water
Dinner: pizza (son's night to cook)

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 16

Wednesday was a very rainy day and I had something happen that kept me from the pool. I stepped on a 2 inch piece of wire and it went right through the bottom of my crocks and into my foot. Not a good feeling.

Meals for yesterday:

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: sandwich
Dinner: spaghetti and meat sauce,

Not fancy at all.

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 15

Yesterday we had:

Breakfast: pop tarts
Lunch: Biscuits and diet soda
Dinner: chicken stir fry with noodles

snack: homecanned fruit.

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 14

Yesterday seemed like Saturday because both my ds and my honey were home instead of at school. I got to go to the cross stitch shop in town and use the gift certificate that my ds and his finance bought me for Christmas.

Meals yesterday were:

Breakfast: cold cereal and milk
Lunch: hot dogs and coleslaw
Dinner: pork chops, corn, snow peas, carrots and green bean mix

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 13

Sunday was a busy day really. We had the youth group last night. So alot of cleaning and cooking. We only had six show up.

Yesterday we ate:

Breakfast: cold cereal and milk
Lunch: shrimp, wild rice and broccoli with salad and water
Dinner: nuggets, french fries and chocolate chip cookies

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 12

Today was a relaxing day. Dh and I went for a drive to the country and went to a flea market. Ds did not work which is unusual for him.

Today we ate

Breakfast: cold cereal and milk
Lunch: fajitas
Dinner: hamburgers and coleslaw

snack was nuts and chips

Tomorrow night the youth group is suppose to be coming. Still trying to find out how many.

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 11

Yesterday meals were:

Breakfast: cold cereal and milk
Lunch: soup and sandwich
Dinner: homemade mini pizzas and salad

My honey has been fussing about snack items and lack of sodas so this will be our compromise. He wants me to try to not buy any meat or frozen veggies until I have used everything in the freezer. Everything else I will buy when I (or he) sees a need for it. Not quite what I wanted but it is better than nothing.

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 10

Yesterday was a very busy day. Definitaly not a stay at home day.

We ate:

Breakfast: cold cereal, milk
Lunch: cheese pizza and diet soda
Dinner: chicken, corn and mixed veggies
snacks: peanut butter cookies and nuts

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 9

Today was a busy day getting dd off to college spring semester. Her last one away from home. She cried all morning I am sure leaving her boyfriend is part of it.

today we ate:

Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: sandwich and diet soda
Dinner: taco soup and diet soda.
Snack: peanut butter cookies

the taco soup did not taste right tonight. I didn't do anything different but it lack flavor. Hopefully dh will still want it for lunch tomorrow.

eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 8

Later again,

The story of my life it seems. Too busy getting dd ready to go back to school today. Might see her in March and then home in May.

Day 8

Breakfast: cold cereal, hot tea
Lunch: salad, biscuits and diet soda
Dinner: quesadilla and diet soda.

Not very interesting but this is what we ate. Day 9 will be better.

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 7

Well yesterday was a wild day. Church in the morning -- absolutely amazing !! Lunch with friends and then we finally had Christmas with my best friend and her family. Better late than never.

Menu for the day:

Breakfast: oatmeal and hot tea
Lunch: ribs, coleslaw and new potatoes
Dinner: ham and cheese sub and diet Pepsi

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 6

I am so proud of myself for remembering to post tonight. Ended up going to the grocery store. I got 5 jars of peanut butter (@ $1 each), 2 pks of 6 ramen, paper towels, peanuts and garbage bags. I use the ramen for lo mein which I make to use up bits and pieces. Peanut butter was just to good a deal to past up and dh asked for peanuts. It came to just over $23. Not bad really.

Okay todays menu was:

Breakfast: oatmeal, hot tea and oranges
Lunch: pampered chef party. I had chili and cheesecake yummmm
Dinner: chicken lo mein and diet pepsi

I need to get more organized. Dh goes back to work on Monday and dd leaves to return to college on Tuesday. Things will be "normal" again. Till tomorrow good night.

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 5

Well once again I am the day after recording our menus. Did not have a good night so I am moving slowly today. Yesterday we finally closed on our refinancing and so for lunch we celebrated. We went to Demos, which is a locally owned mom and pop Italian type restaurant. We spent all of $19 and was very full when we left.

so for yesterday:

Breakfast: oatmeal, hot tea and orange juice
Lunch: grilled chicken, broccoli and salad with water
Dinner: chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese (which my dd made)
Snacks: various chips and dips

Groceries: 18 eggs, bananas, one loaf of bread, french onion dip, cheese dip, 2 bags of tortilla chips and 3 cans of Pringles. Dh insisted on the chips and dips. Not what I wanted but for $17 I guess it was ok. Note to self - don't take dh to the grocery store if you want to stay on budget. :)

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 4

Ok I am getting bad at not thinking about posting until the day after. I have got to get better at posting. Well yesterday was interesting as my dh had a snow day (he is a teacher) and was hungry all day. Here is what we ate:

Breakfast - oatmeal, hot tea and oranges
Lunch - hot dogs and leftover slaw
Dinner - spaghetti
Snacks - dd made more cookies.

Boy are we getting spoiled with dd baking. When she goes back to school next week I may have to start baking myself. :)

Today is payday so either today or tomorrow I will be running to the store for fresh and non food items. Everyone keep safe.

Eating Out of the Pantry - Day 3

The family does not seem to mind yet that we are out of some snack foods and I am not running to the store every other night for something. Tonight was our date night so dh and I ate out. We don't go every week but we needed to talk and we are able to stay more focused eating out.

Meals for today:

Breakfast - toast with peanut butter and oranges
Lunch - pancakes and turkey bacon
Dinner - Mexican for dh and I; the kids are at work.
snacks were peanut butter cookies that dd made yesterday

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 2

Sorry I didn't post this last night -- dh was on the computer. Here is how day 2 went.

Breakfast - oatmeal and toast
Lunch - sandwiches and chips for dh and ds
Dinner - turkey burgers and homemade slaw and peanut butter cookies that dd made.

Yesterday was cold but today it is to be colder so I am not sure what to fix ..... Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Eating From the Pantry Challenge -- Day 1

I have decided to follow the Eating from the Pantry Challenge with The Menu Mom. One reason is because dh wants me to empty the deep freezer so he can buy me an upright. The one we have I bought at a yard sale for $35 about 12 years ago and who knows how long they had had it before me. It is the largest size chest freezer I have eve seem. I am having alot of trouble getting food out of it now with my health issues so an upright would work better and I will not have to "search and rescue" food items anymore. the other reason is that we way overspent last month and we are refinancing the house from a 30yr to a 15 yr so the payment will go up.

I will start today. Here is day 1:

Breakfast: cereal, milk and apple or eggs
Lunch: friend took me out and paid for it, leftovers and sandwiches for the rest
Dinner: Chicken, stuffing and mixed veggie all from the freezer.

I will have some food money come Friday and I will need some non-food things and some fresh stuff though I have …