Seeing A Pattern Develop

I am starting to see a pattern developing and I need to stop it.  I am going to the grocery store almost everyday.  I didn't realize how much I really went.  Stopped yesterday to pick up lunch items for dh and prescriptions were not ready yet so I had to go back today.  Here is what I got:..

2/15  Kroger

1 loaf honey wheat bread
3 pkgs lunch meat

Total :  $8.71

2/16  Kroger

1 chocolate bar (Friday Freebie)
1 pkg cookies
6 cans Redgold tomatoes

Total:  $4.41

Like I said above the first group of items were for dh lunches.  She has to have low sodium lunch meat now and it is more expensive.  When I went in for my prescriptions today I checked out there markdown section and found Redgold tomatoes with green chilies marked down to .49 cents each so I got 6.  This is my pantry purchase for the week.  So I spent $3.23 for the pantry.

Picking Up A Few Things ...

This week I have picked up a couple of things here and there.  I discovered this morning that I am going through more bread and lunch meat than normal as dear husband is taking more sandwiches to work now so he can eat one coming home to avoid a low sugar.  So I will go back to the store today for that.

Here is what I have purchased so far this week:

2/11  Kroger
        1 box popcorn

 Total:  $1.07

2/13   Sam's Club
          1 box of baked chips
          2 bags kale salad mix

Total:  $17.51

2/14   Kroger
          1 head green leaf lettuce

Total:  $1.38

Total spent:  $19.96
Left for pay cycle:  $30.21

These purchases were mainly with dear husband in mind.  He had wanted popcorn REALLY bad and we didn't have any so I bought a small box and he got to enjoy it on Sunday.  Kale salad is a favorite around here and Sam's Club has the best mix.  It was on sale while I was there to pick up the chips so I snagged two bags.  The baked chips are individual bags for dh lunches.  Ba…

Grocery Shop Feb 10

Today was my first time food shopping for February.  I am really going to try hard this month to stick to my budget of $100 per pay cycle.  A pay cycle is two weeks.  This is also my first shop of our new "diet".  It will become a way of life now so diet is the wrong word really.  With dh's heart issues and both of us being diabetic if has to happen.  So today I went to Kroger.  Here is what I got:

5 # of unsalted butter @ $1.99 each
total:  $10.62

2 cards ( 1 birthday, 1 Valentine)
2 pkgs of sliced cheese
1 pkg low salt turkey
1 pkg low salt ham
1 loaf honey wheat bread
18 ct eggs
1 small box candy (Friday freebie)
2 bottles Italian dressing
2 small bottles orange juice
5 # unsalted butter
2 bags of pistachios
1/2 gallon skim milk
2 bottle dish soap
total:  $44.84

Total spent:  $55.46
2 cards (not food):  $5.29
Total spent on food:  $50.17
Left for pay cycle:  $49.83

Kroger was offering butter for $1.99 when you downloaded a special coupon today only.…

Meal plan Jan 13 to 26

Here is what I hope to fix the next two weeks:

Breakfast:  muffins, eggs and toast, frozen waffles, boiled eggs

Lunch:  leftovers, sandwiches

Dinner:  baked pasta
              chicken, sweet potatoes, veggie  X 2
              beef roast, potatoes, carrots and onions
              pork chops, sweet potatoes and veggie
              sausage, corn and veggie
              pork lo mein
              pork roast, sweet potatoes, veggie
              pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw
              leftovers X 3
              sloppy joes X 2

Snacks:  homemade cookies, pretzels, chips and salsa

Grocery Shop Jan 13, 2018

Finally got to the store today though the roads were not as bad as I thought they would be.  Boy is it snowing now though.  Got what I need for the next two weeks except maybe fresh stuff.  Here is what I got:


hamburg buns
popcorn (free)
hot dog buns
hot dogs X 2
baby cereal
18 ct eggs
sliced cheese
tortilla chips X 2
wet dog food X 4
drink mix X 2
coffee - for school
slaw dressing
rotel tomatoes X 4
coke zero - 3 12pks
ramen X 20
canned mushrooms X 2
2 lb velvet cheese
carrots 1lb
.86 lb potatoes
ham lunch meat
veggie tray

Total spent:  $69.98

The ramen was on sale for .17 cents each.  Hot dogs were BOGO. I used Ibotta and will get back $1.35 for my purchases.

Grocery Shop Jan 9, 2018

I was running dd and gs on some errands when she needed to stop at Kroger to use some of her WIC vouchers.  Both she and gs received vouchers for fresh items so she used them both today.  While she was deciding I found some deals.  Here is what I found:

4 yellow bell peppers
4 green bell peppers
6 apples, mixed types
each of these were bagged and were 99 cents a bag
2 pkgs canadian bacon marked down to $1.29 each
5 bags of Birdseye steam fresh veggies for 99 cents each
2 bags Kroger frozen veggies for $1.00 each
1 tub spring lettuce mix marked down to $1.79
2.39 lbs of green grapes  rang up wrong so they gave me my money back.
Spent:  $26.16 - $7.12 refund =  $19.04

I am going to cut up the peppers and freeze them leaving out one each for fresh cooking and salads.  The canadian bacon will be used for pizza and for breakfast meat.  Once I got home I decided on salad for lunch and discovered that the tub of spring mix was worse than I thought.  I used what I  can and I will compost the …

Meal plan for Dec 30 to Jan 12

Okay as promised here is the meal plan:

Breakfasts:  eggs and toast, eggs and fried potatoes, oatmeal, cold cereal, pumpkin chocolate chip    muffins, banana bread

Lunches:  leftovers, sandwiches or soup

Dinners:  chicken, stuffing and carrots
                grilled cheese and soup
                baked pasta
                pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw
                zuppa toscana soup
                chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans
                pork chops, baked potatoes and veggies
                homemade pizza X 2
                sausage, corn and green beans
                chicken taco soup

Snacks:  veggie straws, pretzels, muffins, banana bread, tortilla chips and salsa

You may notice that I did not post 14 dinners, that is because the other nights are leftover nights.  It is typically Tuesday nights as dh goes directly from work to a meeting and picks up something.  The baked pasta will have a sauce loaded with veggies and the homem…