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Menu Mondays

This is for the rest of this week.

Monday - chicken, broccoli salad, and corn
Tuesday - pork lo mein
Wednesday - taco soup
Thursday - mini pizzas
Friday - zesty chicken orzo
Saturday - pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots

Breakfast will be a choice of oatmeal, muffins or cold cereal
Lunches will be a choice of turkey sandwiches, leftovers and soup.

I do my shopping later today so I will let you know tomorrow how I did. I don't need a lot because our cupboards and freezer is full. :)

End of November already ?!?

Boy it seems like November just started and now it is ending. As I get older it seems like the years go faster. The crud caught up with us and dh was out of work three days with it. (thank you sick days) and ds missed two days of work. I was down with it about 10 days. I just don't bounce back the way the guys do.

Thanksgiving saw us with four instead of six. Ds and his finacee ate with her family this year. It was wonderful having dd home again. Her boyfriend joined us for out dinner. she is back at school now and we will see her in about three weeks for the Christmas break.

During this holiday time I was thinking about what I am thankful for. Here is my list (as of right now):

1. I am thankful for a Savior who loves me unconditionally.
2.. I am thankful for a loving husband who helps out when he can see I am having a bad day.
3. I am thankful for having two healthy children. It was been wonderful watching them mature.
4. I am thankful for my best friend, Susan. She is mo…

I love saving money !!!!!!!!

Now those who know me know that I hate Wal-Mart. Big time. But when I heard that they had turkeys for 40 cents a pound I had to go and see. Well they did and I got two turkeys (there is a limit of two) one 14.77 pounds and the other 15.03 pounds for 5.91 and 6.08. Wow !!!!!!!!!! While I was there I picked up the bread, tomatoes and tortillas that I need for next week and I have $8 left. Yeah !!!!! God is good.

Menu Mondays

I thought I would post my menus from now until next payday. I have only $25 left but I am confident that it will be enough.

11/3 - chicken, potatoes, carrots and snow peas from the garden
11/4 - white bean soup with chorizo and kale
11/5 - mini pizza using Grand biscuits
11/6 - spaghetti
11/7 - hamburgers
11/8 - taco soup
11/9 - chicken, potatoes and a green veggie
11/10 - baked pasta with turkey sausage
11/11 - chicken, corn and carrots
11/12 - sloppy joes
11/13 - out to eat with friends

I have figured out that the only things I need (as of right now) are diced tomatoes, tortillas and bread. Maybe some pretzels for my honey. I am disappointed that I am already out of home canned tomatoes. I will have to do a lot more next year.

Breakfast is usually boiled eggs and zucchini bread for my honey. Cereal or oatmeal for me. My ds takes whatever and most of the time unfortunately misses it.

Lunches are normally sandwiches for ds and I and leftovers for my honey.

Snacks are typically popcorn, chips …

Where is the year going?

It seemed like only yesterday that it was January not it is November already. Wow this year has flown. Well things are still tight here at the home front. Dh and I are still sharing a car. The budget has gotten even tighter as we are trying very hard to pay down debt. I now have $40 a week for food. I get $80 every other week and do my best to stretch it. Last night we had chili and dh took I one container I had left for lunch today. I will most likely have peanut butter sandwich. Tonight I am looking at chicken, maybe soup or just baked. I am trying to figure out what I would send with dh tomorrow if I just bake it. If I fix soup I need to decide soon so I can get it on. ~smile~ I have been very very tired recently and have had a hard time getting going in the morning. Not good when you want to try to keep up with at least a few things.

Dd is still struggling at college. This is her second year there and she has already decided that it will be her last one. She wants t…