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2012 is closing soon

Wow has this year flown by!  Where has it gone?  This has been an eventful year with both kids getting engaged and Rachel moving home.  I had surgery in November after a trip to Boston and Ontario in October.  David is still driving to Joelton for work and carpooling has not been very successful so far.

Now is the time to plan for 2013.  I will be putting pen to paper and come back and post.  Hopefully it will be a productive year goal-wise.

Merry Christmas

I know I am a day late but Merry Christmas.  We actually celebrated on Christmas Eve and dh and I had a lazy day yesterday.  We had an amazing ham meal then and have been eating leftovers since.  Yum !!!!!!  I love leftovers.

May God richly bless you during this holiday season.

Playing catch up

I know it has been a while since I posted.  I am recovering from surgery still though I am doing a lot better now.  Since surgery I have lost 14.5 pounds (since Nov. 19) and a total of 51.5 this calendar year.  What a huge difference.  ~smile~

Food is playing a much different role in my life now and so is menu planning.  I need to plan more to make sure I get enough to eat of the right things.  I am still not really hungry on a daily basis but I know I need to eat.

Menu for the rest of this week:

breakfast:  oatmeal
lunch:  sandwich - dh; soup for me
dinner:  chicken, mashed potatoes and snow peas

breakfast:  oatmeal or cream of wheat
lunch:  sandwich - dh; cottage cheese and fruit
dinner:  whitefish, green beans and sweet potatoes

breakfast:  eggs and toast (hard boiled for me)
lunch:  hot dogs and coleslaw for dh; soup of me
dinner:  meatball subs for dh; meatballs and veggie for me

I know that this is repetitive for me but I am still in the baby food sta…

Menu Nov 18 - 24

I go into the hospital on Monday so this week will be easy meals for dh.

Breakfasts:  cold cereal, eggs and toast or muffins

Lunches:  hot dogs,  sandwiches or grilled cheese and soup

Dinners:  fish sticks, baked potatoes and green beans
               chicken, stuffing and veggie
               sausage, corn and veggie
               spaghetti with garlic bread
               meatball subs

The kids are going to other homes for Thanksgiving and it will just be dh and I at home.  I won't be eating yet so I am not sure what he will eat.

Menus for week of Nov 11 - 17

Here is what I am hoping to fix for dh and dd this week.

Breakfasts:  protein shakes, muffins, cereal or eggs and bacon

Lunches:  ham sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or leftovers


- chicken stir-fry with noodles
- fish sticks, snow peas and corn
- meatball subs
- spaghetti with meatballs
- chicken, stuffing and green beans
- salmon, corn and snow peas
- leftovers

I have already spent $170 at the grocery store and I plan on going to GFS on Wednesday as they have turkeys for .49 cents a pound with a $25 purchase.   Anything over $140 will be taken off of next paychecks grocery money.  I am trying to get it where all I need to buy is milk or bread after my surgery next week.


This first week of protein shakes only has been brutal.  I have slipped at times not even realizing it until after it is done.  I have 8 days left before surgery and I need, no I have to, stay on course.  If my liver is not soft enough they will close me up and do it at a later date.  It is so hard to fix dh and dd food and not be able to partake.  I didn't think it would be this hard.  I have been going to the gym every other day and I am able to do more each time.  I went today and walked on the treadmill 20 minutes and did 20 minutes with weights at different stations.

I know I have lost at least 30 pounds but I am not seeing it when I look in the mirror.  Others have told me that I have lost which is encouraging I just wished I saw it too.

The Countdown Has Begun ....

My surgery has been scheduled for November 19.  Two weeks from Monday.  I have transitioned to my protein shake only with sugar free popsicles as my throat is still sore.  My ds joined a local gym and added me on his plan so I can go also.  Isn't he sweet ...... thinking of his mom.  Went for the second time today and did 30 straight on the treadmill and fifteen minutes of weights.  I am so sore but it is a good sore.  He has been going almost every night after work and has lost 9 pounds in one week.  I am so proud of him.

I am getting a glimpse of my new life.  Working out, eating cleaner food and sleeping well.  I am going to try to encourage my dh to walk on the greenway with me at least once a week.  It has markers to tell you how far you have gone and it runs beside a creek - it is very pretty.

I am needing to start thinking about Christmas.  As much as I dislike Wal-Mart I am looking at shopping there and putting it on layaway.  I already know what I am going to get both of…


It is wonderful to wake up to the sound of rain.  I find it very soothing.  I did sleep in however which means I missed my water aerobic class.  Not good.  I really hate driving in the rain so maybe this worked out for the better.

On tap today:

- laundry
- working in the kitchen:  I need to clean off the table and put the canning supplies back up
- hang the curtains in Rachel's room
- do some stitching

Dinner tonight will be chicken, veggie and mashed potatoes.
Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Remembering today

Today we remember 11 years ago all the lives that were loss.  For me, I had not turned on the television before I left for work at Eckerd, when I walked into the store at about 9:30 am I couldn't find anyone as almost everyone was in front of the television in the break room.  This was the first I had heard about it.  My manager had been trying to call a friend who worked in the twin towers and was worried.  Luckily his friend was on a business trip and was not at the office.  It was hard to stay focused at work but I had to work my ten hours.  By the time I got home it was the only thing on the television so I was able to get caught up.  I remember the sadness I felt for all of those children whose parent or parents would not be coming home, the bravery of the first responders who lost their lives and the ones left behind.  My brother in law was a fireman in New Jersey at this time and we feared for his safety.

It now saddens me to remember but I am proud of how far we have come.

Finally some beautiful weather !!

This past weekend we had amazing weather!!  We got rain on Saturday - it is much needed but wished we had gotten it earlier in the summer.  ~sigh~ After that it was cooler with a light breeze - the exact type of weather I have looked forward too.


September already !!

I have been losing track of days it seems.  September has been busy already.  We have basically wrapped up the garden early.  I only have banana peppers and  bell peppers left.  We decided against a fall garden because of the weather.  Speaking of weather - we have been receiving the rain that we need back in June and July.  We have more forecast tonight.  Maybe we should have done a fall garden.  Oh well.

Rachel still hasn't moved home yet and she keeps giving me excuses as to why she has not yet.  It is getting frustrating for me as I have moved my craft room and they damaged one of my bookcases to the point that we needed to toss it, trust me we tried every thing to fix it, and then if she doesn't move back home I will be angry that I had to move it to start with.

I just finished mending a pair of jeans for Ian and he is on his way for them.  I enjoy helping with the kids when they want clothing repaired because it shows me that they have learned not to just toss and buy ne…

My baby's getting married !!

This is a picture of my daughter and her fiance Isaac.  They are planning a 2014 wedding.  That will give her time to graduate and find a job and for him to find a better job.  They are both so young that I think the long engagement is a good thing.  Life is good.

Almost done ....

moving Rachel back in.   It will most likely take the entire week but she wants to be done by Saturday so she can get ready for classes that start on Monday.  I should finish moving the craft stuff out tomorrow so she can set up her bed, etc.  I didn't realize I had so much stuff.

School is going okay for dh.  Frustrating at times but going okay.  His carpooling partner has been a blessing.  I need to make her something nice for Christmas to say thank you.  It allows me to go to the pool at least once a week and most weeks twice.

Got to go and take out puppy.

Wow It has been a month already ......

I didn't realize that it has been a month since my last post. Alot has happened. Dh goes back to work on Friday so we have been getting his classroom ready. He painted it this summer but got ambitious and painted sea life also. We did two sharks, a sea anemone, 2 starfish and a clown fish. Then he bought some other fish that he hung also. Yesterday I got his desk set up for him. It should be finished before he starts inservice. I have gotten more canning done last week. I canned 20 pints of salsa. This goes along with bread and butter pickles, zucchini relish and pickled beets. I have another double batch in the fridge ready to can but canning will have to wait a couple of days as I spent 5.5 hours in the ER last night. I have a chest strain and can not lift anything for a couple of days. It is affecting my left arm also. Rachel moves back home next month and I need to work on cleaning the dining room as this will become my craft room again and she will get her room back. …

August is half over already .....

When I was younger I always thought it was funny when adults said that the year is "flying by".  Now I am the one saying it.  This year does seem like it is flying by.  School has started for dh and will start a t the end of the month for dd.  Birthdays are coming up and then it will be fall.  I love fall !!!!  I can't say it enough -- I love fall !!!!!
The garden has not been producing enough so it is nice to say that I finally have enough tomatoes picked for a batch of salsa.  That shall be my project for tomorrow.  I actually think I have enough for a double batch.  Not sure when I will have enough again as the tomatoes are not turning really quickly.  We got some rain today so I am hoping that this will help the process.  I also have dried beans to can and to make barbecue sauce to can also.  I need to reorganize the pantry and write down what I have and what I need to can or purchase.  My goal is to have a three month supply on hand.
We got dh a new laptop and he is…

Summer is over .....

I know that this is a strange title as it is only July 31 but dh is back to school so as far as our little family is concerned summer is over. David actually went back to work last Friday and he has student for a half day tomorrow and then all day starting on Friday.   This was a shorter than normal summer with it only being eight weeks long.  We will see if we like this balanced calendar by the end of this school year.

On to other news,  the garden is still giving us tomatoes, banana peppers and a cucumber every now and then.  I have already made two batches of salsa with enough for one more batch, I think.  I also have enough cucumbers for another small batch of pickles.  Yummy !!   It is time to start thinking of plants for a fall garden.  I am thinking cabbage, broccoli and maybe some lettuce.  I need to sit with dh to figure out what he wants to plant.  It has to cool down eventually, right?

Yesterday I had my quarterly visit with my doctor.  We did a A1C and found that my numbe…

July is almost over ...

This year seems to be flying by. July has been busy also. Canning is in full swing with our tomatoes coming in now. I bought 20 pounds of beets end of last month and got them made into pickled beets. Yumm This summer seems to be much hotter than normal and I don't like hot weather - I mean really hot weather. We are still having mid 90 temps with the heat index being in the 100s. David enjoyed his trip to New Jersey and is already been back to work for over a week now. Inservice starts tomorrow and his room had to be done before then. We painted it this summer with an ocean scene and it looks really nice. I got to help ~smile~. He has social studies this year as well as science. Not good but what can you do, at least he has a job. This is his 19th year teaching. Around the house, the master bathroom is almost done and the master bedroom is done. Yeah !! The bathroom just needs the faucets and a new light fixture. Now we just need touchups here and there. We rea…

Time Going by Fast .....

Wow June is flying bye. Keeping very busy working on the house and the garden. David has been working on the master bedroom and master bathroom. New carpet will be laid next Wednesday. We have already pulled up the old carpet (the original carpet) and the padding. All the furniture has been moved out except for the bed which is being moved today. David has repainted the walls and touched up the crown moulding. We just need to paint the baseboard and sweep and it is ready for the carpet. In the bathroom, we have new tile, baseboard and quarter round. We still need to install new faucets and a new light fixture and this room will be done. Yeah !!!!!!!!! This weekend was to be busy but with a code orange air alert I am inside today. I had been invited to a bridal shower at 2 pm and a wedding at 6pm. The wedding is outside so there is no way I can go now.

I have started canning this week.  So far I have 5 pints of bread and butter pickles and 5 pints zucchini relish.  Today I…

This Weekend

Had an interesting weekend. Friday started with some dear friends coming up from Georgia for dinner. We had a delightful time and in two weeks we are going down there to visit. Saturday was my first 49 birthday and it was a relaxing morning. Went to the grocery store for just a few things then stitched. We went to a visitation in Fayetteville, TN in the evening and stopped at Cracker Barrel around Columbia for a late lunch/early dinner. It was awful !! I found saran wrap in my meal. Not good. After we got home around 8:30 we went out to dinner at Camino and had an enjoyable meal. Woke up late for church this morning and then home for the rest of the day. Home Depot is coming tomorrow to measure the master bedroom for carpet. Yeah !!

I am back .....

I am starting to feel a little better and now dh is getting sick again. Wow we just can't get a break. I basically missed the entire month of May. So sad. Just was our 28th wedding anniversary. I can't believe that it has been that long already. We went to Cheekwood in Nashville to walk through the gardens. It is absolutely beautiful. We walked for two and a half hours and still didn't see everything. It was an absolutely amazing day weather wise which really helped also. We ate an early dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then home for the night. By the time we finally got home my feet had swelled but it was still a wonderful day. Today I am working on this month's budget. Boy is it going to be a tight month. My birthday is next Saturday, thought I don't expect anything since money is tight also David has a workshop on the 4th which he will be on his own for lunch and then another class at the end of the month though it is only half a day. We are hoping to …

Not been feeling good

The last week or so I have not been feeling good. I have let the menu and grocery budget slide so we are in trouble now. I have spent way to much on food - for the house and eating out. For the rest of the month I have to get a gripe and use what I have. Only buying milk and fresh stuff. The farmer's market has opened and I am enjoying buying fresh food since our garden is in but not near to harvest yet. I have picked a little bit of broccoli but that is it.

Grocery Shopping April 28 and 29

Normally I plan my menus, inventory my pantry and freezers and then make a list. I didn't do that this week. I thought I had a good idea of what I had in the house so I just shopped. I don't think I did that bad considering. Here is what I purchased: Aldi's artisan lettuce strawberries fuji apples baby bella mushrooms honey nut cherrios bite size shredded wheat 40 oz ketchup 2 boxes of raspberry poptarts (my fav) drink mix sticks 2 loaves of bread TOTAL: 20.55 Kroger #1 12 lb dog food 3 12pk diet soda kitty litter (for the kids cats) 3 boxes of frozen veggies 4 bags of frozen stir fry veggies 2 pork tenderloins 1 bag of mini pretzels 1 pkg ham for lunches 4 pkg taco seasoning 2 bags dole salad mix 2 lb asparagus TOTAL: 72.18 Kroger #2 1.81 lb asparagus 1 container strawberries 5 pkgs instant potatoes 1 pkg dishwasher soap 3 cans of lite peaches 1 tictac TOTAL: 19.03 Animal City 1 pressed bone TOTAL: 3.24 Grand Total: $115.00 Left for May: $285.00 …

Week #16 Meal Plan

I know I am late with this this week. Just couldn't get a plan in place. It doesn't help that dh has a door on top of my deep freeze so I can't get in there to see what I have. So, I am using what is in the fridge, freezer and pantry this week. Sunday: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast; hot dogs and slaw; taco soup Monday: cold cereal, milk; sandwiches; grilled cheese and tomato soup Tuesday: peanut butter toast; sandwiches; chicken thighs, mashed sweet potatoes, green veggie Wednesday: blueberry muffins; sandwiches; baked pasta and salad Thursday: oatmeal; sandwiches; chicken lo mein Friday: blueberry muffins; sandwiches; date night Saturday: eggs, turkey bacon and toast; hot dogs and mac salad; homemade pizza Snacks: popcorn and pretzels

My current stitching project.

I am a little over halfway done with it. It is called Desert Star by Nancy Needle designs.

Week #15 Meal Plan

ok, well I am not quite settled on what meal on what night but I have a general idea of what we are going to have. Breakfast: cereal, muffins, eggs and toast Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches Dinners: sloppy joes chicken, sweet potatoes and veggie baked pasta chicken, mashed potatoes, veggie homemade pizza fish, corn and green veggie date night Snacks: popcorn, zucchini bread The sales on meat have not been really good recently (with my small budget) so I am using what is in my freezer and pantry but it is starting to get bare. This week skinless boneless chicken is on sale so I will most likely pick some up for next week. The weather is suppose to warm up again so I am back to warm weather meals again. I have not made chili or taco soup yet this year because dh only wants those in cold weather and this year we just haven't been cold yet. Our spring garden has done a lot better with the colder weather so hopefully I will have some crops to harvest soon.

Week #14 Meal Plan

Well Happy Easter everyone. It was wonderful to have both kids home for the meal. Now onto the meal plan.

- cereal, muffins or toast

-sandwiches or leftovers

- Easter Meal - ham, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, asparagus, brocolli and baby carrots, rolls, homemade pickles and cranberry sauce
- leftovers from Easter meal
- spaghetti and meatballs
- chili
- chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus
- chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies
- date night

Other than the items I needed for Sunday I have not purchased anything else for this week. I still need to buy bread and milk later this week but that should be it.

Finally ..... rain

We are finally getting rain. Unfortunately it had to come with its friends, wind and hail. My garden is so happy to receive the rain. We have a spring garden in - cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, rutabaga and kohlrabi. Some of the cabbage has not made it but hopefully with the rain the ret will perk up.

I have some heirloom seeds ordered, through my bff, I am getting early wonder beets, henderson black seed lettuce, tom thumb lettuce and giant white seeded sunflowers. I can't wait to plant them. We are needing a load or two of top soil and mushroom soil for part of the garden. It is very tired looking and last year we needed get much in this area. Hoping to plant tomatoes, green and banana peppers, zucchini and cucumbers. Maybe some peas and beans if I get ambitious.

Week #13 Meal Plan

David is on spring break this week so I have been mega busy. Here is what we have eaten so far and the rest of the weeks plan.


cold cereal, eggs and toast


hot dogs and slaw, sandwiches, leftovers


grilled chicken on salad x2
chicken lo mien
sloppy joes
date night
homemade pizza

We have been working on the house this week. Inside and out. The garden is weeded and now I am just praying for rain. :) Grass has been mowed. Inside we are still working on the master bathroom. It has been tiled (floor), painted and grouted, We have replaced the towel rack and the toilet paper holder. I have purchased two new faucets and a new light fixture. David is painting all of the doors also. I still need to purchase we electrical fixtures then we will be done.

So far I have only spent $45 on groceries. I will go grocery shopping this afternoon for more lunch stuff.


okay, I know I am a day late but dh is home sick and that changes my routine. Here is what on the menu this week:


cold cereal, oatmeal, toast with peanut butter or eggs and toast


leftovers or sandwiches


grilled cheese and soup
meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggie
spaghetti with meatballs
slow cooker salsa chicken ( new recipe for us)
date night
homemade pizza


popcorn, pretzels, pumpkin bread

As you notice we eat that same sorts of meals each week. I seem to be in a rut. I will try to add a new recipe the next couple of weeks to see if I can't get some variety into our diet.

Week #11

I just didn't get around to meal planning this week. I wasn't feeling well and we just kinda made do and spent to much money on take out. Already working on next weeks plan. I have $10 of my food money left. This next week will be a pantry week. Hopefully I will not need much to make it work.

Week #10

Well it didn't take long to plan this weeks meals as I have no food money left and I must use what is in the house. Thanks goodness for my pantry. I had purchased extra slbl chicken breasts on sale last week as well as frozen pizzas as I was not home Friday night thru this afternoon. Dh didn't eat at home much while I was gone so most of the pizzas are left. Here is what is planned this week:


cold cereal, eggs and toast, waffles


leftovers, sandwiches


hot dogs and mac salad
whole chicken (in the crockpot), stuffing and veggie
chicken stir-fry (leftover chicken from above)
meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies
date night
pizza night
eat on the run


popcorn, fruit, pretzels

Recipes I want to try:

-chewy granola bars


-pumpkin bread
-banana bread

Week #9

The menu for this week just didn't happen. What I originally had planned just didn't work. The temps were just to high for some things on the menu. Will post this weeks soon.

Meal Plan Week #8

I know I am behind this week since it is already Wednesday. Both has this week flying by. On the menu for this week (including what we already have had) is:

Breakfast: choice of:

eggs and toast

Lunch: choice of:



leftover pizza
spaghetti and meatballs
chicken, sweet potatoes, veggie
sloppy joes
date night
homemade pizza or calzones
baked pasta

Snack: choice of:

chips and salsa
chips and dip
carrots and ranch dip

I spent about $40 at the grocery store for this week.

Meal Plan Week #7

Well, I know I am a day late. Yesterday just got away from me. Here is what I am planning to fix this week for meals.

Breakfast: choice of:

cold cereal
eggs and toast

Lunch: choice of:

grilled cheese and soup


Monday - mexican
Tuesday - hamburgers, sweet potato fries
Wednesday - chicken, mashed potatoes, veggie
Thursday - spaghetti and meatballs
Friday - date night
Saturday - homemade pizza
Sunday - crockpot chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots

Snacks: choice of:

cheese puffs
pumpkin bread

I needed very few groceries this week. I did get 5 lb of ground meat, apples, cheese puffs, peanuts, luncheon meat, paper towels, toilet paper, 1 box of cereal, milk and eggs.

Meal Plan Week #7

Ok I hope everyone had a great weekend. Dh finally felt well enough to go to church yesterday. Meals for this weekend will come mainly from the pantry. I will be buying for Tuesday though.

On tap this week:

Breakfast: choice of:

cold cereal and banana
eggs and toast

Lunches: choice of:

hot dogs


Sunday - chef salad
Monday - sloppy joes
Tuesday - steak, baked potatoes and veggie
Wednesday - chicken, stuffing and veggie
Thursday - spaghetti with meatballs
Friday - date night
Saturday - chicken, mashed potatoes and veggie

Snacks: choice of:

chips and salsa
cheese puffs
veggies and ranch dip

I still need to go and buy Tuesday nights steak and potatoes. Hopefully ds can take me when he comes by later. I will update when I get back from the store.

Meal Plan Week #6

Sorry I am a little behind. I had taken pics of this weeks groceries but I had trouble downloading them and now dh has taken the camera with him to work so maybe next time.

Meals for the week are:

Breakfast: choice of

cold cereal
eggs and toast

Lunch: choice of



sloppy joes
chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies
spaghetti and meatballs
white fish, peas and carrots
salmon, corn and veggie


cheese puffs
chips and salsa
veggie and ranch dip

Meal Plan Week #5

Our weather is still crazy here. This morning dh and I had short sleeve shirts on and no coats. Wow !! This week I only have $30 for food so we are using mostly what we have on hand.

Went to the grocery store this morning and got the following:

1/2 gallon of skim milk
2 bags of salad mix
1 bag of pretzels
2 pkgs of sliced cheese
2 pkgs of pepperoni
1 pkg hot dogs
3 baking potatoes
2.1 lbs of bananas
1 bag of kiwis

Total after coupons: $20.39 I saved 29%. Not as good as some weeks but I just didn't get things that had coupons. One pkg of pepperoni and one pkg of sliced cheese went into the freezer.

Here is what I have planned to fix this week:

Breakfast: choice of cold cereal, muffins, oatmeal or toast

Lunch: choice of sandwiches, grilled cheese or leftovers

Dinners: -meatball subs
-chicken, baked potatoes, veggie
-spaghetti and salad
-date night

Snacks: pumpkin bread, pretzels…

Meal Plan Week #4

I have made it through the first full month January. Is it just me or is this year flying already? :) I have been trying different ways to list my meals for the week as they don't always land on the days that I have planned for. The saying in Tennessee is "if you don't like the weather, just wait, it will change real soon." We have already had some strange weather for January and we try to eat different things in different temps. I guess most people do - lighter things on warmer days. I can't remember when we had a chance of tornadoes in January, but last night we did. Really strange .....

Well on to my menu for the week ...


choice of: oatmeal, cold cereal, muffins, pancakes or toast


choice of: sandwiches, leftovers


baked pasta and salad
chicken, stuffing and veggie
spaghetti and meatballs
tacos and spanish rice
chicken, mashed potatoes and veggie
white fish, peas and veggie
pizza night


choice of: popcorn, pretzels or chips and s…

Meal Plan Week #3

This week I am behind because I was in a car accident on Saturday. So I am running behind. This week's menu plan:

Sunday, Jan 15

b. cereal
l. pizza
d. grilled cheese and soup

Monday, Jan 16

b. cereal
l. hot dogs and soup
d. baked pasta and salad

Tuesday, Jan 17

b. cereal
l. sandwiches
d. turkey sausage, mashed potato and broccoli

Wednesday, Jan 18

b. toast with peanut butter and hot tea
l. sandwiches
d. sloppy joes

Thursday, Jan 19

b. toast with peanut butter and hot tea
l. sandwiches
d. chicken, stuffing and veggie

Friday, Jan 20

b. cereal
l. sandwiches
d. date night

Saturday, Jan 21

b. eggs, toast and sausage
l. grilled cheese and soup
d. pizza night

Grocery shopping was done Saturday morning and I went over. I can't find my reciept but I will post when I do find it.

Book Review: 66 Love Letters

I have recently finished reading a book by Dr. Larry Crabb called "66 Love Letters". It takes each book of the Bible and looks at it in a different way. You are encouraged to read each chapter and then wait a week before reading the next chapter in order to better understand how each chapter is written.

As much as I enjoyed this book, it is a time consuming read. For the everyday reader I truly believe that this book may be a challenge.

Meal Plan week #2

Here we are at week #2 of the year with this week's meals. I did a little food shopping and added a little bit to food storage. Here is what I bought:


1 pkg Charmin toilet paper
2 pkg instant mashed potatoes
2 candy bars (I went shopping hungry)
2 pkgs shredded Italian blend cheese
2 boxes thin spaghetti (for food storage)
1 pkg chicken sausage
2 bags of baby carrots
1 can organic tomato paste
1 can organic tomato sauce
1 can mushrroms
2 pkgs salad mix

total after coupons: $30.75
left for the week:19.75


4 cans chicken noodle soup
1 bag potato chips
1 bottle mild salsa
2 loaves of bread

total: $8.79
left for the week: $10.96

Here is what I plan to fix this week:

Sunday, 8th - breakfast: donuts
lunch: fried chicken, cole slaw and potato salad
dinner: hot dogs, cole slaw and potato salad

Monday, 9th - breakfast: dh McD; me I have a fasting blood test @9:30
lunch: sandwiches
dinner: eating out …

Meal Plan Week #1

This year I am going to try and post my menus and grocery trips each week. I have $50 budgeted for two adults and the occasional adult child. We are hoping to entertain once or twice a month also. My goal is to eliminate soda from our diet and junk foods. This week we are still using what is in the house but consuming far less of it than we used to. I normally plan on Fridays and shop on Saturdays for the next week as I don't have a car during the week.

Week #1 of the new year and I have a plan for dinners.

Sunday - turkey sausage, mashed potatoes, salad
Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - eat out at Olive Garden (gift card)
Wednesday - baked chicken, stuffing and carrots
Thursday - sloppy joes and broccoli slaw
Friday - date night (payday) or leftovers
Saturday - homemade pizza

breakfasts will be a choice of: eggs, oatmeal, cold cereal or toast

lunches will be a choice of: sandwiches, leftovers or mac and cheese

drinks: diet soda, ice tea, hot tea or lemonade

snacks: popcorn, pretzels or c…