Meal Plan Week #1

This year I am going to try and post my menus and grocery trips each week. I have $50 budgeted for two adults and the occasional adult child. We are hoping to entertain once or twice a month also. My goal is to eliminate soda from our diet and junk foods. This week we are still using what is in the house but consuming far less of it than we used to. I normally plan on Fridays and shop on Saturdays for the next week as I don't have a car during the week.

Week #1 of the new year and I have a plan for dinners.

Sunday - turkey sausage, mashed potatoes, salad
Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - eat out at Olive Garden (gift card)
Wednesday - baked chicken, stuffing and carrots
Thursday - sloppy joes and broccoli slaw
Friday - date night (payday) or leftovers
Saturday - homemade pizza

breakfasts will be a choice of: eggs, oatmeal, cold cereal or toast

lunches will be a choice of: sandwiches, leftovers or mac and cheese

drinks: diet soda, ice tea, hot tea or lemonade

snacks: popcorn, pretzels or chips and salsa

I did not have to go to the grocery store as I had all items at the house already.


  1. I am in the process of eliminating diet dr pepper , I've been drinking way too much and their is nothing frugal about buying a 2 liter soda everyday. I ran out 6 days ago and so far, it is going OK except for being a little tired from less caffeine. We do still have some other diet soda but it has no caffeine so I have drank a few of them to get me over that sweet-bubbly hump.

    look forward to seeing your menus and shopping.


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