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End of the Year -- Already ?!?

Wow !! Has this year gone so fast. It seems the older I get the faster life goes. Between being sick and having company I have not been on much the last couple of months.

Dh and I are working on our 2010 budget and goals. When we finish I will post them.

Until then have a Happy New Year from the Brangenberg's

Meal Plan Monday

I know it is Tuesday again .... I just can't get it done on Monday it seems. Here is what I am planning to fix this week.

Monday - chicken lo mein
Tuesday - mini pizzas
Wednesday - chili
Thursday - zesty chicken orzo
Friday - spaghetti (per dd request as this is her first night back)
Saturday - meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots

Breakfast will be a choice of cereal, oatmeal or eggs
Lunches will be a choice of leftovers or sandwiches
Snacks are popcorn or pretzels

working on next weeks already. :)

Meal Plan Monday

Ok, I know that it is Tuesday but I am one day behind this week it seems. So here is what I have planned.

Sunday - pizza
Monday - chili (yummy)
Tuesday - zesty chicken orzo with a green veggie
Wednesday - sloppy joes
Thursday - spaghetti
Friday - mini pizzas or eat out (we normally have a date night on payday)
Saturday - pork lo mein

Sounds yummy to me. I have everything in the house for this week except for milk. Not bad.

Have a blessed day.