Summer is over .....

I know that this is a strange title as it is only July 31 but dh is back to school so as far as our little family is concerned summer is over. David actually went back to work last Friday and he has student for a half day tomorrow and then all day starting on Friday.   This was a shorter than normal summer with it only being eight weeks long.  We will see if we like this balanced calendar by the end of this school year.

On to other news,  the garden is still giving us tomatoes, banana peppers and a cucumber every now and then.  I have already made two batches of salsa with enough for one more batch, I think.  I also have enough cucumbers for another small batch of pickles.  Yummy !!   It is time to start thinking of plants for a fall garden.  I am thinking cabbage, broccoli and maybe some lettuce.  I need to sit with dh to figure out what he wants to plant.  It has to cool down eventually, right?

Yesterday I had my quarterly visit with my doctor.  We did a A1C and found that my numbers are still coming down.  Yeah !!!!!!!!!  I have gained weight though which perplexes my doctor.  His answer, too much stress.  Grrrrr  that always seems to be the answer.  He would like me to start swimming again.  Dh is going to be able to carpool this school year so I can have the car twice a week so I can go to the pool.  I hope my bathing suit still fits.

Well I am going to sign off for now.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.


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