Planning for Next Year

How many of you start planning for next year in November and December? I mean gardens, canning,etc.   I am in the process of looking at what grew well this year and what didn't.  Also we are looking at planting fruit trees and fruit bushes.  Do others of you do this?  I am also trying to figure out how much we use in a year.  Such as toilet paper, shampoo, dish soap, etc.  I would love to have some input on these topics.


  1. I sort of tried to figure how much of some basic items we were using in a month - but gave up because it just seemed to fluctuate too much because I buy different sizes and brands bases on sales and coupons. And it flucuates wildly when we have house guests or our kids "shop" in my pantry - with my blessing though.

    I have been dating some items when I open them to see how long they last. I thought we were using up cooking oil too fast, but my last 48 ounce bottle lasted 57 days.

    I think some of the LDS sites have figured up what a yearly average amount of staples would be since they advocate storing up a years worth all the time. You might get some ideas from them.


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