Menus for April 24 - April 30

Well I am trying not to go to the store anymore this week since we ran to Krogers Easter Sunday for Sparkling Grape Juice. I have enough milk and bread for the week so I am not counting on going until Friday (payday) earliest.

choice of cereal, toast with peanut butter, eggs, bacon and toast or oatmeal

choice of sandwiches, mac and cheese or leftovers


Easter Sunday - ham, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus, snow peas and honey bread bunny
Monday - chicken, red potatoes and broccoli slaw
Tuesday - ham, sweet potatoes and green beans
Wednesday - spaghetti and green salad
Thursday - sloppy joes
Friday - date night for dh and I, dd will have leftovers
Saturday - chicken, red potatoes and carrots

popcorn, chips and salsa or cookies (maybe later this week)

I have everything I need for this menu. Right down to the frozen cookie dough for the cookies. I plan on making the hamburger buns for the sloppy joes on Thursday or gather what is in the house and just use that.


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