Farmer's Market

Today my dd and I went to our farmer's market. This was the last Friday morning for the season and will start Sunday afternoon November and December. We knew some of our favorite vendors were not going to be participating on Sundays so we wanted to see them one last time this season. The gentleman that we get our goat cheese from was their. He had not been there for a few weeks so asked about his health. He had had a health scare but is doing better now. We purchased one container as I needed to save my money for our apple lady. She had the last of her apples for the season today so we bought a box of granny smith apples and we will have to make them last.

Here is what we purchased:

1 box of apples = $30.00
1 container goat cheese + $6.00
2 peppers = $2.00 (kinda expensive but these are huge)
2 kholrabi = $3.00
7 tomatoes = $3.00
1 bag of kettle corn for dd = $2.00

Not bad for the end of October.


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